Eating healthy over Easter

Easter is a great time of the year to relax with family and friends, however it has the capabilities to throw your eating plan off track. Here are seven ways to eat smarter during the Easter holidays.

1. Keep chocolate for dessert
Eating Easter eggs on an empty stomach can spike blood sugar levels and put you on a hunger and energy roller coaster. So make sure you eat Easter eggs after having a protein-based or high fibre meal. 

2. Choose wholegrain hot cross buns
Wholegrain hot cross buns have more fibre, vitamins and minerals compared to normal ones. Keep an eye out for them in bakeries.

3. Share your sweets
If you have too much chocolate around the house, share them with your friends, family and work colleagues. This avoids you being tempted by leftover Easter chocolate even after the holiday period has past.

4. Stock your fridge
Worried all you'll have in your kitchen during the Easter break is chocolate? Stock your fridge with healthy substitutes that still satisfy your sweet cravings. Use coca powder to make hot chocolate or smoothies, or make fruit kebabs to dip in melted dark chocolate, which is full of more antioxidants.

5. Give in to your cravings
If you deny your food cravings, you are more likely to overindulge. So if you feel like chocolate, eat some!

6. Monitor your food
Think you'll be snacking more than you'd like to over the Easter weekend? Try keeping a food diary, a US study found people who kept daily food records lost twice as much weight as those who kept no records.

7. Build a calorie bank
Try to do exercise every day of the Easter break to balance out the consumption of extra kilojoules. This is also a good opportunity to get the family involved by going for a bike ride, a beach walk or having a kick of the footy!

For more nutrition tips like this, head to

SummerFest 2017 at Monash Sport

For the 2017 Monash SummerFest, Monash Sport was once again heavily involved in creating great events for students, staff and the Monash community. These two events were the College Clash and the Dive In Movie.

College Clash

The 2017 College Clash continued the trend of being bigger and better than the same event in previous years, hosting approximately 800 students on a night of fun activities and games which has become a highly anticipated event on the Monash college calendar.

Tug of war, skipping, tunnel ball, puzzles, an obstacle course and basketball shootout made up the games for this year's College Clash, with residential hall Howitt finishing on top of the points tally and therefore claiming the 2017 title.

The Campus Community Cup changed format from the cardboard boat race in it's inaugural year, with a dragon boat tug of oar in the Doug Ellis Swimming Pool. Close to 100 students lined the swimming pool's edges to support their representing team, equipped with banners and signs covered in their college's colours. The sound was deafening as colleges tried to better their opposing college's cheers. In the knockout tournament format, Jackomos won the cup and the $1,000 prize money for their college. Farrer came second and collected $500.

Monash's newest college Aquila made their College Clash debut. Consisting of both residential and non-residential students, the Peninsula campus college proved to be one of the most vocal and best dressed groups on the night.

Check out the highlights video for this year's College Clash here.

The top 10 placings for the 2017 College Clash:
10th - Orion on 75.1 points
9th - Centaurus on 79 points
8th - Briggs on 83.1 points
7th - Ursa on 85 points
6th - Richardson on 87 points
5th - Deakin on 88.6 points
4th - Homan / South East Flats on 90 points
3rd - Farrer on 95.5 points
2nd - Campbell / Turner on 97 points
1st - Howitt on 98.1 points

In the outside activities of Tug of War and Tunnel Ball the following halls all took wins:
Campbell / Turner
Holman / South East Flats

The Campus Community Cup Dragon Boat Tug of Oar results:
Semi Finalist - Howitt
Semi Finalist - Pegasus
2nd - Farrer
1st - Jackomos

Monash Sport would like to thank the Peninsula Dragonflys for the use of their dragon boat on the night. For more on the Dragonflys, head to their website here.

Dive In Movie
Over 70 members of the Monash community entered the Doug Ellis Swimming Pool after hours to enjoy a night of floating fun, watching Finding Dory on the inflated movie screen as they chilled out in the pool.

A combination of students, staff and families jumped in to watch the movie, using supplied floaties to relax. Free ice cream was also available to cap off the movie vibes, along withe beach chairs for those who felt like drying off.

Check out the highlights video for the Dive In Movie here.

Pay less, and play more!

For a limited time only, Monash Sport is holding a special offer on all racquet sport court hire.

We are adding extra visits to our multi session passes! Now you can pay for 9 and receive 12, that's 3 visits for free!

Sports will vary depending on what campus you are on, but may include:
  • Badminton
  • Tennis
  • Squash
  • Table Tennis
For more information, or to purchase a pass, visit your campuses' Monash Sport Service Desk. Offer ends Sunday 26 March.

New Clayton Group Fitness Studio officially open

The new Group Fitness Studio at Monash Sport's Clayton facilities have recently opened to a great reception, following a refurbishment period that has transformed the space into a fantastic, modern purpose room.

The works included the reconfiguration of the current building roof and a new ceiling, new heating and cooling and enhanced acoustics to optimise the functioning aspects of the room. There is also a new sound system to help keep the tunes (and you!) pumping throughout the class. Check out the Semester 1 Group Fitness timetable and head to a class in the new studio today!

Monash Merchant - March Deals

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Stay on top of your fitness goals

It's March, and the realities of the year, and studies are well and truly here. So - how do you make sure you stay on top of your fitness goals when we're all getting busier? Here are a few tips.

Make it social
Working out with a friend is a great way to stay motivated to be active each week, and can also be more enjoyable than exercising solo. If you prefer to workout at different times to your friends, try the lively atmosphere of a group fitness class. Our Semester 1 Group Fitness timetable has plenty of classes with an upbeat and fun atmosphere. Check it out here.

Be realistic
Setting a new goal to achieve isn't always easy, so make sure your goal is reasonable to your ability. If you are attempting to alter your lifestyle to be healthier, then set fair expectations for yourself. Instead of setting a goal for two weeks ahead for example, think more along the lines of months. Don't be too hard on yourself!

Make the most of your membership
Know what services are on offer to you in your membership, as they can give you that extra help to achieve those fitness goals. This could be access to certain exercise areas, or assistance by fitness centre staff. 

Remember, personalised programs and assessments are available for free on most membership types to help you achieve your training goals. Please speak to one of our health and fitness instructors to book an appointment!

Mix it up 
So you've been going to the gym once a week for a month, and after doing the same program you were given when you started a membership, you want to try something different. 

To keep motivation levels high about working out, have a look for new ways to change up your routine. Our Fitness Centres have a new Exercise of the Week written up every week, giving you that chance to break up your routine while learning a new workout. Ask one of our health and fitness instructors today! 

Find the drive 
'Just to get fit' may not be a strong enough fitness goal that will motivate you to get active. Make your goal something you can measure and keep track of. Such as a weight goal or time for running a course.

Careers Expo visits Monash Sport

Careers Month will kick off this week with Monash’s largest careers event of the year - the Careers Expo. More than 75 organisations will be recruiting on campus, hosted right here at Monash Sport (Clayton campus)

This is a great opportunity for students to connect with employers, learn more about graduate and internship programs and pick up tips about recruitment processes. 
Two sessions will be available on the day. Students should attend the one most relevant to their faculty:

  • 10am - 12.30pm: Art, Design & Architecture, Information Technology, Engineering, Science 
  • 2.30 - 5pm: Arts, Business & Economics, Education, Law 
Monash Careers Fair app 
Students can also download the Monash Careers Fair app to see full details of participating organisations and where they are located on the day (AndroidiOS).