Benefits of Swimming

As Uni is now in full swing, it is time once again to hit the books. However, as with every semester, trying to juggle assignments that are always, without fail every semester, due all at once, going to class, work and a having a social life can lead to feelings of stress and anxiety. It may be a surprise then that swimming can actually improve not only or physical well-being, but also improve our mental health and well-being.

Here are some of the benefits swimming may have on our physical and mental well-being.

1. Swimming improves social well-being

Now as you get busier and busier during the semester trying to meet deadlines, it may be hard to keep an active social life. This is where swimming can help, as it is seen as a very social activity. By taking just an hour out of your day to take a class, train with a friend, or train with a coach you are already improving your social well-being. By combining exercise with socialising this can help lower levels of anxiety and depression, which can help create a clear and focused mind.

2. Swimming teaches goal orientation

This is a vital skill needed during uni and work and surprisingly can be achieved by swimming on a regular basis. This is because the goals we set ourselves in the pool, whether that's improving lap times or recovering from an injury with water rehabilitation, setting these goals and achieving them is the key. This can lead to these skills be transferred to outside the pools and into our everyday lives. Very helpful to meet deadlines and get those assignments in on time.

3. Swimming makes you smarter (Yes, really!)

Regular exercise, such as swimming, helps to improve memory function and thinking skills. This is achieved as regular exercise reduces inflammation and insulin resistance in the brain, which fosters new brain cell growth. This means that swimming my actually help to achieve better grades, even get those pesky HD's that are sometimes hard to achieve.

4. Swimming burns more calories than jogging

What list on the benefits of exercise would be complete without a physical benefit. If you are strapped for time but still want to be healthy and fit, give a quick swim session a go. Swimming laps for one hour actually burns more calories than jogging, with swimming burning as much as 715 calories compared to jogging which burns in excess of 606 calories.

Therefore, swimming is the way to go to help improve physical and mental performance during a tough semester ahead. The only thing it won't do is do your assignments for you.


For more information on our Aquatics and Swimming programs click here.

For more benefits of swimming visit this swimming world magazine article that expands on this information.

Healthy Habits in Winter

During the cold winter months it is easy for us to slip into bad eating habits. The cold weather brings about a sense of wanting to be cozy and warm under a blanket or sat in front of a heater or fireplace, which can lead to wanting to eat easy comfort food. However, winter is a time to keep on top of good nutrition and healthy habits to help keep us in top shape and to prevent and combat colds and flus that are frequent during this time of year.

Even though it may be cold and wet, drinking water is still a vital part of staying healthy throughout the year, so make sure you get those 8 glasses of water a day into your system.

It is also vital to get enough nutrients from fruit and vegetables into your system, not only for daily health, but for boosted immunity to help fight those nasty viruses and colds. Easy meals such as vegetable rich soups and casseroles can help boost immunity during the winter months, as well as keeping you healthy and in shape. If you are stuck for ideas on how to make a healthy winter meal try this recipe for pumpkin soup or beef casserole.

Follow these few tips and your body will love you during the winter months.

WinterFest Let It Glow

With WinterFest just around the corner, Monash Sport is excited to host Let It Glow, the finale the week long WinterFest.

On Friday 12 August, during week 3 of semester, Monash Sport will be transformed into a wonderland of light and colour. With rides, food trucks, and all sorts of entertainment, including a DJ pumping all the latest tunes, there is something fun for everyone.

Let It Glow will also see the opening of the new Monash Tan (running / walking track surrounding Monash Sport) with the Light Up the Night fun run/walk. In a sea of light and neon colour participants will be able to walk or run around the new track lined with colourful light, while also being decked out in glow sticks and neon paint themselves.

For the kids, and even the kids at heart, there is a kids entertainment zone which will see face painting, arts and crafts, and two feature movies played back to back on our big screen. In keeping with the theme of winter the movies will be Happy Feet and Ice Age, two great movies, not just for the kids.

Of course, what festival would be complete without the favourite show-stopping fireworks. At 7:30pm the night sky will come to life in spectacular fashion with a shower of light and colour in a breath-taking fireworks display.

Once the sky settles from its burst of light and colour, it is time for an action packed football game between featuring our very own Monash Blues against University High School-Victoria University Amateur Football Club (UHS-VU Afc) with the first bounce at 7:45pm on the oval next to all the festivities. This will be a spectacular game between two very good clubs, and will be a special one as it is the only game for these two teams to be played under lights.

So get the family together, get your friends together, and come and join us as we celebrate everything winter and light.

See more information on Let it Glow, or you can register for the Light Up the Night Fun Run/Walk

A Look at Our Monash Games Volunteers

The volunteers at Monash Games are seen as an integral part of the heart and sole of the games, without them, the Monash Games would not be able to run. From scoring, to registration, to reporting, the volunteers are involved with almost every aspect of Monash Games. Here, we shine a light on our volunteers and take a behind the scenes look from the games.

Throughout the day the volunteers can be seen at each and every game scoring, making sure everyone is on their best behaviour, and generally overviewing the smooth running of the games.

Over at the dodgeball amongst the mayhem of flying balls and competitive players Dianna and Leaticia are keeping score of the first round of games. Both are current students at Monash, with Leaticia completing a post-gradute degree. Despite not being accustomed to all the rules of every sport played over Monash Games they are really enjoying themselves and learning a lot about the workings of each sport they are scoring at.

While speaking to both of them they both mentioned how they expressed interest in volunteering to help boost their resumes and CVs for potential employers. Leaticia stating she wanted to start volunteering before beginning the semester, while Dianna stumbled across the volunteering opportunity in the career gateway portal and thought it looked interesting. They both agree that volunteering is a great thing to do to help others, even if its just spending their time helping out at a sports competition, and that they have enjoyed Monash Games heaps.

Thank you to all our volunteers who gave us their time to be apart of one of Monash Sport's biggest events of the year.

Monash Games Staff Challenge Review

Day 2 of Monash Games saw the staff of Monash go head to head in a half day event to see who was the best. This saw many games which saw faculty vs faculty and division vs division go up against each. Similar to the first day, staff came out in force with a positive attitude and ready and willing to play their best.

5 a side soccer saw a domination of eSolutions, having all but 2 teams in the competition. Everyone played with fierce determination, with some taking it super seriously. This saw many great, high scoring games, with the eSolutions teams dominating throughout the competition. In the end it came down to eSolutions Futsies against eStrikers. Both teams held domination during different parts of the game with eSoultion Futsies taking it out 3 to 1.

Despite only having 4 teams in the competition the open volleyball saw a great turnout. Although MCN and eSo - To Kill a Blocking Nerd put up a great contest, eSolutions - Vaders and Civil Engineers' Team were the ones to beat throughout the day. In the end Civil Engineers team came out victorious against eSolutions - Vaders in a final that went down to the wire.

Open Netball saw everything, from super close games, to blowouts, including a 19 point shut out and a game where both teams combined score was 4. Despite this, the competition brought a high standard with everyone bringing a positive, yet determined attitude. In the end the final saw Hogan's Heroes go up against The #1 Sporty Monash Sport Sports Team (ft. Sport).

Open basketball brought a high level of competition, with many of the games being extremely close. This meant that the championship was up for grabs for anyone, with the competition being that close. After 5 hard fought rounds, Mooseless Monash Sport and eDribblers made it to the grand final with Mooseless Monash Sport becoming the overall champions winning 15 to 9 in an entertaining match.

Congratulations to all staff champions, and a big thank you to all staff who took time out of their day to compete and make the day a success.

For more photos and video from the day, check out the Monash Sport Facebook page.

Monash Games Basketball Staff Challenge Recap

The second day of Monash Games brought a great showdown between staff in basketball. With many games between faculty vs faculty and department vs department bragging rights were on the line, which resulted in a fierce showdown that went to the wire.

5 rounds were played with 5 teams in the competition. During the start of the competition there were no clear standouts as everyone put in maximum effort, resulting in many close games, with Mooseless Monash Sport having the closest games of everyone, only winning by a couple of points each game. This meant that the championship was up for grabs from anyone of the 5 teams, the competition was that tough.

In the end, the grand final saw a battle between eDribblers and Mooseless Monash Sport, with the Monash Sport team seeing out an undefeated tournament with a 15-9 victory.

Congratulations to the winners and to all the teams who competed this year.

Monash Games Netball Staff Challenge Recap

The mixed netball staff challenge saw even more tough and exciting competitions that have been frequent throughout the Monash games. 4 staff filled teams battled it out to be crowned victors for 2016. The #1 Sporty Monash Sport Sports Team (ft. Sport) had one, if not the longest name seen for the entire Monash Games (and yes, they did want you to know they were the sportiest team since they were from Monash Sport).

The day started with a tough contest between eSol-dotnetters and Hogan Heroes, with only 4 points being scored for the entire game, Hogans Heroes came out on top 3 to 1, and a total domination by The #1 Sporty Monash Sport Sports Team (ft. Sport) against eSolutions Spartans 19 to 0.

After a tough battle, with fatigue setting in Hogan's Heroes won the grand final against The #1 Sporty Monash Sport Sports Team (ft. Sport)

Congratulations to the winners, and well done to everyone involved with the 2016 Monash Games. Hope to see everyone back next year.

Monash Games Volleyball Staff Challenge Recap

As the nets are raised the teams are gearing up and ready to go. Today saw 4 staff teams battle it out to become the champs.

The competition was fierce with 3 of the 4 teams all winning games. There were plenty of sneaky shots, some looking like they were going out, before falling just inside the lines, and plenty of miss-hits that saw the ball rocket towards the roof before landing on the other side of the stadium.

From the get-go the two teams to beat were the Civil Engineers' Team and eSolations - Vaders who came out with some impressive skills. However, MCN and eSol - To Kill A Blocking Nerd still put up a valiant fight which made it a great competition. eSol - To Kill A Blocking Nerd does win best name in the volleyball competition, with their amazing pun of to Kill a Mocking Bird, including both a volleyball and nerd reference.

After many miss-hits and spikes, eSolutions - Vaders and Civil Engineers' Team gracefully made it into the grand final. It was a close contest, with both teams winning and conceding shots, and players on both sides making some spectacular spikes over the net. In the end the eventual winners were crowned, congratulations to Civil Engineers' Team for becoming the champions for 2016.

Monash Games 5 a Side Soccer Staff Challenge

In this modified version of soccer, staff teams battled it out on the field for ultimate bragging rights. The eSolution team came out in numbers, having 4 teams out of the 6 teams that entered the competition. Asides from the domination of eSolutions, the best team name goes to Scrambled eggs on legs, for their clever pun name.

The day saw lots of enthusiasm from all the teams and supporters with many cheers being heard from the sidelines, and coaches and subs getting a little bit of white line fever.

Everyone came out determined and rearing to go, some teams being decked out in full soccer gear. All games saw a high quality of skill and determinations, despite the minor slip ups and spills on the field, including a friendly fire that saw two playing temporarily go down before getting up and brushing themselves off to continue playing.

After an exciting day of games the grand final came around with eSolutions Futsies versing eStrikers. eStrikers came out firing in the first half having most of the possession and scoring the first goal to lead into half time 1 to 0. As the second half went underway momentum shifted to the eSolutions Futsies who came out fighting in the second half, having multiple shots at goal and eventually scoring two goals to take the game.  In the end eSolutions Futsies came out victorious in a tight contest that saw them winning 3 to 1.

Monash Games Day 1 Recap

The first day of Monash Games did not disappoint. Even in its 10th year the games were as tough and exciting as ever. Everyone came out with a positive attitude and came ready to play which saw a great day for everyone.

Ultimate frisbee was played for the first time this year, and this unique and fun game was a highlight for the games with so much action happening on the field. Although there were only 3 teams, 2 of which had never played before, this didn't stop the level of competition being high. The overall winners were the the Ultimate Frisbee Club's Frisbeelicious, with Camel Toes coming in second.

However, this new sport didn't take away from the more traditional sports that have been seen at Monash Games for years.

Basketball is always a popular sport in Monash Games, with the level of competition being high with everyone bringing their A game to the court. From 3 pointers, to alley-oops, to even a dunk, there was a multitude of action happening in the stadium. After an intense day, Pistols came out victorious against the Millennium Falcons, 35 to 13.

Indoor soccer was the most popular of the sports with 12 teams entered into the competition. Through a tough contest that saw many goals scored and close games, the grand final came down to Brothers FC up against Kroos Control. The game started slow before becoming a storm of goals, with Brothers FC eventually taking out the title with a score of 7 to Kroos Control's 6.

Dodgeball was a fierce contest from the get-go, with 4 teams battling it out in a round robin style contest. The grand final saw a great match between Jim Jamboni Supreme Pizza? and Bubblesaur, with Jim Jamboni Supreme Pizza? just beating out Bubblesaur for the championship.

Congratulations to all the winners in todays competitions and thank you to everyone who got involved in one way or another. Hopefully we see everyone back next year to tough it out again.

Monash Games Dodgeball Day 1

The day began with 4 dodgeball teams excited to get underway for the competition ahead. Spectators gathered to watch the action while also trying not to get hit by wayward balls. It was certain that the day would be an exciting one, especially with everyone coming out with interesting team names to say the least, including Game of Throws, Bubblesaur, Camel Toes and Jim Jamboni Supreme Pizza?.

As the matches began it was easy to see that everyone was in a very competitive mood with many red dodgeballs flying at what seemed like the speed of light and loud bangs as balls smashed against walls and people. The level of competition was quite professional with many games lasting quite some time and everyone winning at least one game.

Despite some bruised and battered bodies, the enthusiasm never died down as the grand final between Bubblesaur and Jim Jamboni Supreme Pizza? got underway. You could see that both teams wanted to win just by the determination in their eyes. There were plenty of highlights, including a catch while holding another ball, and some spectacular deflections to stay in the game. In an exciting game Jim Jamboni Supreme Pizza? came out on top to claim victory in the 2016 dodgeball tournament.

Monash Games Ultimate Frisbee Day 1

In its first year in the Monash Games, Ultimate Frisbee was one exciting tournament to watch. Although there may have been some risk to spectators from wayward frisbees, the tournament was a success. 3 teams battled it out in this very unique and exciting sport, with 2 of the teams having never played before. The teams all brought their positive fun attitude which was evident in the choice of team name, all of which included Frisbeelicious, Camel Toes and Jim Jamboni Supreme Pizza~? (yes, that was their real name!).

Although the morning of the tournament brought rain, it thankfully cleared up as the tournament got underway. Despite it being sunny, the field was still wet and the wind did make for a more challenging game which saw players slip and frisbees go rogue, but this didn't stop any of the three teams bringing all they had to the day.

As the competition progressed it was evident that this was a friendly environment, with everyone playing just for the fun of it and no on field drama. Everyone was laughing and cheering each other on, but the games were still very competitive regardless.

After a fierce competition Frisbeelicious and Camel Toes made it to the finals.  However, as Frisbeelicious were from the Ultimate Frisbee Club and had won both their games convincingly it was decided that Frisbeelicious were the overall winners and the final would see the two finalist teams be mixed up for some extra fun. This led a game between one team wearing red sashes and other being plain. After a fantastic game, that saw some unbelievable catches, including a juggling catch to score, and a few injuries, including a frisbee to the head the red sash team came out victorious.

Congratulations to the winners, Frisbeelicious and everyone involved in the first of hopefully many years of ultimate frisbee in the Monash games.

Monash Games Indoor Soccer Day 1

The first day of the Monash Games saw a great competition in the Open Indoor Soccer, with 12 teams battling it out for the title, the largest competition of the day.

You know it's going to be a great day when you have teams named Lallanas in Pyjamas and Juice in the mix. There were plenty of highlights, including headers, long goals and plenty of fast play. Many of the games were high scoring, including two 11 to 1 victories to Brothers FC and Amigos de Squid Buffalo T4C and a 12 to 1 win for Kroos Control.

By the end of the day the grand final saw Brothers FC play Kroos Control. Two of the dominating teams from the day, with many of their games being blowouts. This led to an intense grand final as the two teams became evenly matched. After a slow start, which saw no goals scored for the first quarter of the game, it started to rain goals for both teams. After an intense contest in the grand final that followed 4 rounds and 2 finals, Brothers FC were crowned the winners for 2016 winning 7 to 6.

Congratulations to everyone involved and to Brothers FC for winning.

Monash Games Basketball Day 1

After a tough day of competition in Basketball, which saw five rounds played and some spectacular shots and team plays put on show, Pistols have come out victorious.

Throughout the five rounds all the teams showed incredible strength and determination in the run to become champions of Monash Games 2016. This determination was at its peak as the day progressed with all players pushing through the multiple games played today. The atmosphere in the stadium was electric with everyone getting some white line fever and passion.

The level of competition was fierce with many fouls called, determined lay-ups, 3 points shot, and even an amazing dunk from the Pistols during the first round of games. After a great day of games Millennium Falcons and Pistols made it to the final.

The game against these two teams was a fierce contest. However, although the Millennium Falcons put up a valiant performance the Pistols were just too strong and dominated early on to win by 22 points with the final score being; Pistols 35 to Millennium Falcons 13.

Congratulations to Pistols for their impressive performance in becoming 2016 Champions, and well done to everyone who competed.

Semester 2 Social Sport Competitions

Make sure you get your registrations in for semester 2 Social Sport before they close on the Tuesday July 26 with the competition commencing on the week Monday August 1, week 2 of semester 2.

Social Sport is not only a great way to keep fit and active, but its also a great way to meet new people and have some fun with friends in a friendly weekly competition. 

Social Sport is active across the Clayton, Caulfield, and Peninsula campuses with a great range of sports to choose from. From basketball, netball, and indoor soccer to dodgeball and badminton, there is a sport to suit everybody. So get a team together and get your registrations in before the 26th of July to join in the fun.

For more information or to register visit the Social Sport page on the Monash Sport website.

New Group Fitness Classes!

We are excited to announce two brand new classes have been added to the group fitness timetable for semester 2, HIIT Cycle and Piloxing.

HIIT Cycle is a great class for those who may be short on time. This 30 minute high intensity cardio class aims to achieve results in a short time frame through short fat burning bursts of intense cardio. Don't let this scare you though, the class is suitable for all fitness levels as you have the option to control your individual workout.

Piloxing is an exciting and unique class that combines elements from pilates and boxing. This dynamic class offers the benefits of flexibility and sculpting from pilates with the power, speed, and agility offered from boxing to offer a physically and mentally empowering workout targeted at building muscle and stamina.

For more information check out the class timetable.

Monash Games

Monash Games are just around the corner and the excitement is beginning to build, especially as this will be the 10th anniversary of Monash Games. The three day event held from Wednesday July 20 to Friday July 22 is one of the biggest events on the Monash Sport calendar, with a wealth of sports and competitions on offer over the three days.

Wednesday will see exciting competitions in women's and mixed netball, mixed indoor soccer, open volleyball, and European handball. While Thursday will hold mixed and open basketball, open indoor soccer, dodgeball, and ultimate frisbee. Each competition will be hold on one day with games starting in the morning and finals in the afternoon. European handball and ultimate frisbee are new additions to Monash Games this year which will bring a unique and exciting experience for the event.

For staff members who can't dedicate a full day to the Wednesday or Thursday competitions, never fear, Friday will see the Staff challenge being held. This is not a full day event, and will only run for a few hours throughout the day.

If the possible taste of victory isn't enough, there is a free lunch for registered teams (up to 8 player for the day of competition), or additional lunch passes can be purchased for $5 each.

For those not competing, come down, get involved and support your friends, faculty, or campus as the competition will be fierce and exciting to watch, with possible bragging rights on the table.

Visit the Monash Games events page for more information.

Children swimming in winter: Parents urged to take kids for a dip

Ashley Argoon, Herald Sun
July 8, 2016 4:00pm

A WINTER dip can save children from the summer rip, swim experts say.

Parents are being urged against giving the pool the cold shoulder as research shows year-round swimming lessons can reduce drowning rates of young children by 88 per cent.

Centre for Sport Research co-director Dr Paul Gastin said it was “critically important” to engage kids in sport all year round.

“For children, being strong and confident swimmers in summer should be a result of consistent participation throughout the year, in much the same way as athletes prepare over pre-season in readiness for the season ahead,” he said.

Important information for Monash Sport members and customers

We are very excited to be bringing our members and customers a new and improved integrated point of sale and bookings system. We will be launching this system on Monday 11 July - what does this mean for you?

There will be a few minor immediate changes that you will notice, most importantly, on your first visit after Monday 11 July, please see us at any service desk to update your card - you may receive an error message at an access point if you don’t see us prior.

For our community members (non Monash students or staff):
We’ll need a new photo of you, and check your card is all up to date with our new system.

For Monash students and staff members:
We’ll need to activate your existing Monash ID card - please bring this on your next visit, this will replace your existing Monash Sport card. Please do this on or after Monday 11 July.

For anyone visiting a group fitness class (at Clayton campus):
You will no longer need to visit the service desk for a wrist band! Please check in via one of the new kiosks we are trialling to obtain your receipt, which will allow you access to the class (this will need to be handed to your Group Fitness Instructor at the start of the class).

Please note the kiosks are a trial, and we will be seeking feedback on them as the trial continues.