Summer social sport season!

As we head into exams and it all gets a little quieter around campus, we are keeping things lively with our summer social sport season!

Social Sport is a great way to keep active and have fun while studying or working at Monash. Competitions offered vary from campus to campus, but can include: 
  • Open & Mixed Indoor Soccer
  • Open & Mixed Basketball
  • Women’s & Mixed Netball
  • And more!
Our competitions foster a social environment with grades suited to beginners as well as competitive teams. Students, staff and the wider community are welcome to take part in these lunchtime and evening social sport competitions throughout the semester. You can choose to play at any of our three campuses to best suit your availability and location. Please refer to our website for all our sport competition fixtures.

Exercise Tip: the benefits of compound exercises

Compound exercises are multi joint exercises that work more than one muscle group at a time.

There are a number of benefits of including compound movements in your program including increased calorie expenditure, increased joint stability and improved sports conditioning.

As well this compound exercises can also have a cardiovascular benefit by keeping the heart rate elevated for longer periods of time compared to other types of resistance training such as isolation exercises.

There are a number of different compound exercises that can benefit beginners all the way through to advanced levels of fitness. Some exercise examples for beginners may include:

  • dumbbell squats
  • chest press
  • assisted chin ups
While for advanced levels of fitness, try:
  • bench press
  • kettelbell swings
  • dead lifts
For more information on the benefits of compound exercises please see a Monash Sport health and fitness instructor.

Nutrition tip: how much should I eat?

As health and fitness instructors we often get asked “How much should I eat to lose weight?”  

Unfortunately there is no simple answer as each person’s energy needs are different.  What we can tell you is to eat smaller meals more often, every 2-3 hours starting with breakfast. 

A healthy breakfast will get your metabolism revving and eating every 2-3 hours will keep it revving throughout the day.

Each small meal should consist of a serve of protein (eg. Nuts, lean red meat, chicken, fish) and low GI carbs (eg. Fruits or vegetables, brown rice, oats).

Aim for 5-6 small meals a day instead of 3 large meals, and give your metabolism a boost!

Semester 2 Top Social Sport Team Names

Congratulations to all the teams that have made it into finals week in our Semester 2 Social Sport Competition! Did your team make the list? If not, you can always try your own witty team name in our Summer Social Sport competition! Registrations for the competion are open until Sunday 16 November!

Honourable mentions (in no particular order)
 - As long as its not netball (a netball team)
-  Hodor

Caulfield v Peninsula MONSU Cup Soccer Match Results

Early October saw the Caulfield v Peninsula MONSU Cup Soccer Match played out at Peninsula Campus.

 Louise McMullen the Peninsula captain and Alex Pham the Caulfield captain holding the cup with the ref.
After an exciting match, Caulfield took home the trophy, scoring 2 goals to Peninsula's 1.

With the Caulfield v Peninsula MONSU Cup Soccer in it's 12th year, the cup has now been won by each campus six times.

Player from the Caulfield team are students with the Monash Caulfield Soccer Club, and
players from the Peninsula team are student who have participate in Monash Sport's social sport soccer league.

Doug Ellis Pool Update

The Doug Ellis Pool is looking good with a splash of colour being added, and is on track to be completed 30 October.

 Earlier in this month, we announced that the practical completion dates of both the main and variable pool projects hadbeen revised by the building contractor, due to a number of factors including weather interruptions and unforeseen complexities to the refurbishment of the variable pool.

The revised opening opening dates are as follows:

Thursday 30 October, 2014

  • Main Pool
  • Leisure Pool
  • Spa/ Sauna / Steam Rooms
Late November (date to be confirmed)
  • Variable Pool
Whilst the Doug Ellis Swimming Pool will reopen again from Thursday 30 October there will be some periods of restricted access to the main pool. Monash Sport aims to minimise the impact on Monash Sport members by offering member priority swimming during peak hours of programmed operation. During these periods, access will be limited to Monash Sport members and program participants only. Lap lane availability can be found here.