A Lift at Monash Sport

Monash Sport is pleased to announce the official opening of a lift linking the ground and first level within the Health and Fitness Centre, Clayton Campus.

 “It is essential that our fitness facilities are accessible to all students, staff and members of the public,” Director of Monash Sport, Brett Lavale said.

The lift, together with the newly refurbished accessibility change rooms, has significantly improved access at Monash Sport.

From left to right: Vladimir, Abdulah, Kay and Brett opening the lift for use at Monash Sport
“Combined with the most recent refurbishments of the change rooms, this initiative provides enhanced access to the Monash Sport Fitness Centre at Clayton Campus,” Mr Lavale said.

Monash Sport member, Abdulah, has advocated the lift being included in Monash Sport’s fitness centre.

“The lift is great,”Abdulah said, “it gives me access to the top floor and allows me to use different equipment and to socialise more with other members.”

Fellow Monash Sport member, Mel, shares Abdulah’s excitement for accessing more equipment.

“It gives (Abdulah and I) more mobility within the gym, and use of the full range of equipment,” Mel said.

The lift is designed to be an accessible lift and is purpose built for those with mobility issues, especially wheelchair users and creates ease of access to all levels of the Health and Fitness Centre.

“This demonstrates Monash University’s commitment to an accessible environment irrespective of anyone’s ability or physical limitations,” Executive Director, Campus Community Division, Vladimir Prpich said.

The works fall within Monash University’s Social Inclusion Strategy, a part of which is aimed at improving access, participation and success of students from disadvantaged backgrounds.

“This opening really shows Monash’s commitment to providing an accessible environment,” Director of Social Justice Unit, Kay Gardener said at the afternoon opening.
From left to right: Mel, Vladimir, Abdulah and Brett at the opening of the lift

Moving Towards a Smoke Free Monash

We're moving towards a smoke free Monash

From 28 July 2014, you cannot smoke on any Monash campus or other Monash sites, except for our designated smoking points. Smoking is also prohibited in all Monash buildings and vehicles.

By 2016, Monash will be entirely smoke-free.

The rule applies to all students, staff, contractors and visitors. All Victorian universities are taking part in the smoke-free initiative.

Where can I smoke on campus? These maps will direct you to the designated points on each campus.

If you see someone smoking in a non-designated point after July 28, you are free to respectfully and politely remind smokers that they must only smoke at designated smoking points. Transitioning to a smoke-free campus requires respect for others – both non-smokers and smokers.

Pilates v Yoga: what’s the difference?

At first glance yoga and Pilates seem similar; but what are the differences between the two?

Yoga has a deeper, philosophical basis
Firstly, they originate from completely different places and traditions.

Yoga originated in India and has a deep, philosophical basis through its Hindu and Buddhist connections.  It focuses on uniting the body, mind and spirit to bring about harmony and well-being.

Alternatively, Pilates was first born in the early 1900's when Joseph Pilates devised a series of exercises to help injured World War I soldiers recover from battle injuries.  When Pilates moved to the USA his system of exercise became popular with dancers who loved the strong, lean muscles his techniques developed.

Yoga and Pilates also focus on different exercises and movements.
Pilates has controlled movements and doesn't focus on poses
Yoga emphasises breathing (known as pranayama) and poses (known as asana).  Each pose has specific physical and mental health benefits ranging from improved flexibility, strength, vitality, organ function and stress relief. Meditation is a common feature in most yoga classes.

Pilates puts emphasis on the body and mind connection but there is no spiritual focus. Movements are controlled and precise. Pilates encourages people to breathe in through their nose and out through the mouth, it doesn’t focus on poses, but a series of exercises that target the abdomen, legs, arms and back.

But the two have some similarities.

Both Pilates and yoga are designed to use your own body weight to create resistance and thereby improve muscle strength and endurance.  Both also have many physical benefits including improved flexibility, balance, posture and muscle tone.

Monash Sport offers both Pilates and yoga classes across their three campuses, so whether you want to come see the difference for yourself, experience the physical and mental effects of a class or simply mix up your fitness routine, our yoga and Pilates classes are for everyone – from beginner to advanced.

Clayton Male Change Room Update

Monash Sport is pleased to announce that the refurbishment works to our Male Stadium Change Rooms at Clayton campus have now been completed, and the space will re-open Friday 21 February.

We thank all our male members and customers for their patience through the refurbishment process.

Works on the Male Change Rooms are now complete!
The space features new shower and toilet cubicles, with new fixtures and fittings and general finishes, refurbished vanity area with new basin, tapware and general finishes, new bench seating and new flooring throughout.  We are confident these improvements will enhance our member's and customer's experience at Monash Sport.

Rectification works on the showers in the Female Stadium Change Room will continue, with the exact completion date to be announced shortly. We would like to thank our female members and customers for their patience in this matter, as we strive to deliver an enhanced change room experience.

The completed female change room space