ACU Cancer Research

Over the last 4 months (and continuing for the remainder of 2018) Monash Sport Caulfield fitness Centre has played host, in collaboration with Australia Catholic University (ACU), to 18 participants in the Research Program looking into the benefits of exercise during and post diagnosis of cancer.

Each participant comes into the Fitness Centre with ACU accredited fitness professionals and, over a 16 week period, undertakes a specifically designed program to assist with their physical and mental health during a very stressful and physically demanding time in their lives.

At the end of the 16 week period, all participants are equipped to seal-manage their own exercise program. Most of the participants are middle aged and have suffered or are suffering a variety of different types of cancer.

Historically, doctors have advised patients to rest during treatment, however now the advice is to avoid inactivity in order to help tolerate and recover from cancer treatments. Emerging research indicates that people with cancer who exercise regularly may improve their survival and reduce the risk of cancer recurrence.

Feedback for the program has been positive, with many of the 18 participants already joining memberships with Monash Sport at the end of their 16 week period. In late May we welcomed new participants, and we look forward to this collaboration continuing throughout 2018.