MS Mega Swim Event Recap

Our annual Monash 24-hour MS Mega Swim kicked off at 10am on the 7th of October.

This year, we gathered 152 swimmers in 11 different teams. Participants consisted of University students and staff, as well as those who came from the broader community. They swam continuously for 24 hours, and raised over $18,000 to support those living with multiple sclerosis.

By the end of the 24 hours, our participants experienced pain, fatigue, impaired coordination - similar to the symptoms of the disease. With a growing number of teams and many repeat participants, the event has created a deeper understanding and increased support of multiple sclerosis amongst the broader community.

The event started strong, and teams were energetic. Each team allocated a group for each hour to spread out the workload. Between breaks, participants enjoyed a walk through campus, enjoyed SumoSalad and other offerings on campus for lunch and dinner.

As the clock ticks by, however, the fatigue started settling in. By the 12th hour, Doug Elis swimming pool turned into a resting zone for our participants - while several groups were in the water, the others would take a quick nap, or have a quick bite.

The event ended on a high note. All teams felt extremely proud of themselves, and despite the overwhelming fatigue, their cheer could be heard throughout Monash Sport. Overall, not only did this year's MS MegaSwim raise over $18,000 - it also raised awareness, understanding, and encouraged action in the community.