Monash Staff Games Recap

Monash University staff members across all Victorian campuses had the opportunity to participate in the Monash Staff Games last month, which resulted in great fun and enjoyment being had across a wide variety of sports.

Well over 200 staff members registered for the Monash Staff Games across the two days in July, with many others taking a break from their desks to visit Monash Sport Clayton campus and support their colleagues. The enjoyable, fun atmosphere of the Monash Staff Games was given an enthusiastic boost with some supporters supplying their own pom poms and fancy dress to drive their team's morale.  

Competitions ran in sessions between 11.30am-1.30pm and 1.30-3.30pm, giving time for staff members to complete their projects for the day while also enjoying casual sport with their work peers. Sumo Salad provided nutritional lunches for all players.

In a Monash Sport first, indoor cricket was offered as an available sport to register in at the Monash Staff Games. The four competing teams consisted of experienced cricketers to those playing the game for the first time, however ultimately great fun was had for all involved.

If you would to see all the highlights from this year's Monash Staff Games, check out the Facebook album on the Monash Sport Facebook page, or watch the highlights video.


Mixed Netball
Winners: Hogan Heroes
Runners: Up Old Rusty Nails

Indoor Soccer
Winners: Barbarians
Runners Up eSolutions futsies

Winners: eSolution-Vaders
Runners Up: Civil Engineers

Mixed Basketball
Winners: Victorious Secret
Runners Up: D-solutions

Winner: Jenny Pham
Runner Up: Louise Williams

Winner: Jack Cheung
Runner Up: Head Tat Keh

Indoor Cricket
Winners: Hogan's Heroes
Runners Up: Bowled and Out