Monash College Games Recap

Week 4 of this Semester saw over 900 students attend Monash Sport's Clayton facilities for the inaugural Monash College Games.

Held over the course of one evening, a series of short competitions were held for all residential and non-residential colleges. A total of ten sports were on offer for colleges to register in, with each sport including a round robin competition with finals.

The focus of the Monash College Games was for students to have fun with their peers, try new sports, and to don their College or Hall's colours in support of their friends.

The winning colleges for each of these sports were awarded a trophy which will be engraved with their college's name, and allowed to be kept by the winning colleges until next year's Monash College Games. Students also enjoyed the Sumo Salad and pizza offerings in-between matches.

The winning colleges for each sport are listed below:

Volleyball - Howitt Hall
Dodgeball Open - Ursa
Dodgeball Women - Deakin Hall
Women's Basketball - Clayton NRC
Open Basketball - Farrer Hall
Mixed Basketball - Deakin Hall
Open Bubble Soccer - Howitt Hall
Women's Bubble Soccer - Deakin Hall
Carpet Bowls - Holman Hall
Indoor Frisbee - Ursa

To see the highlights from the Monash College Games, check out the highlights video or the Facebook album.

MS 24 Hour Mega Swim 2017

The MS 24 Hour Mega Swim is back on the Monash Sport calendar for 2017.

Entries​ ​are​ ​now​ ​open​ ​for​ ​this​ ​year’s​ ​event!

This year's MS Mega Swim event will be held on 7 - 8 October at the Doug Ellis Swimming Pool & Monash Sport Clayton. All types of teams are encouraged; work teams, sporting teams, family teams, swim club teams or even a group of friends. The event is a fantastic team building exercise or off season training opportunity. Prizes are awarded to teams who achieve the highest points through fundraising and swimming distance.

To be part of the MS 24 Hour Mega Swim, gather a team of up to 15 people and divide the 24 hours up between you. All participants can swim as many times as they want providing there is a swimmer participating at any one time.

Register online today!

We Need Your Help for 2017 to help us fundraise $20,000 for people with multiple sclerosis! The average age of diagnosis of MS is only 30 years of age. The disease strikes young Australians in the
prime of their lives. MS Australia help people with multiple sclerosis to achieve as full and healthy a lifestyle as possible through the provision of services, programs and research.

Funds raised during the MS 24 hour Mega Swim go towards supporting people living with MS through the Go for Gold Scholarship program. The MS 24 Hour Mega Swim has supported over 500 Go for Gold Scholarship recipients across Australia in fulfilling a dream.

This MS 24 hour Mega Swim has been held annually at Monash Sport for the past 6 years. To date the event has raised over $100,000! All profits raised from the event go towards helping people living with multiple sclerosis to achieve their dreams.

For more information please visit our Mega Swim events page or the Mega Swim website or call the events team on 9905 8842

Recreation Hall change rooms to be refurbished

The Recreation Hall change rooms at Monash Sport's Clayton campus facilities will be closed as of Wednesday 9 August, whilst refurbishment works are undertaken to improve the change room area.

The works will include an improved layout, environment and fit-out to the male/female change rooms, as well as the accessible change room facility. The First Aid Room will also be upgraded, as well as the lighting in the hallway leading to the change rooms. Vinyl flooring connecting the change rooms hallway to the main corridor adjacent to the Seminar Room will also be refurbished.

When using the Recreation Hall, we encourage members and customers to use our alternative toilets and change rooms opposite the Seminar Room and the Stadium throughout the works period.

Monash Staff Games Recap

Monash University staff members across all Victorian campuses had the opportunity to participate in the Monash Staff Games last month, which resulted in great fun and enjoyment being had across a wide variety of sports.

Well over 200 staff members registered for the Monash Staff Games across the two days in July, with many others taking a break from their desks to visit Monash Sport Clayton campus and support their colleagues. The enjoyable, fun atmosphere of the Monash Staff Games was given an enthusiastic boost with some supporters supplying their own pom poms and fancy dress to drive their team's morale.  

Competitions ran in sessions between 11.30am-1.30pm and 1.30-3.30pm, giving time for staff members to complete their projects for the day while also enjoying casual sport with their work peers. Sumo Salad provided nutritional lunches for all players.

In a Monash Sport first, indoor cricket was offered as an available sport to register in at the Monash Staff Games. The four competing teams consisted of experienced cricketers to those playing the game for the first time, however ultimately great fun was had for all involved.

If you would to see all the highlights from this year's Monash Staff Games, check out the Facebook album on the Monash Sport Facebook page, or watch the highlights video.


Mixed Netball
Winners: Hogan Heroes
Runners: Up Old Rusty Nails

Indoor Soccer
Winners: Barbarians
Runners Up eSolutions futsies

Winners: eSolution-Vaders
Runners Up: Civil Engineers

Mixed Basketball
Winners: Victorious Secret
Runners Up: D-solutions

Winner: Jenny Pham
Runner Up: Louise Williams

Winner: Jack Cheung
Runner Up: Head Tat Keh

Indoor Cricket
Winners: Hogan's Heroes
Runners Up: Bowled and Out

Win a week's worth of free snacks!

We’ve installed more than 35 new vending machines across all Monash University campuses that provide healthy drink and snack options for when you’re on the go.

Drinks and snacks in the new vending machines are labelled according to the traffic light system, with green being the best choice, amber an indication to choose carefully and red reminding people to limit their consumption of these foods.

More than half of the vending machine drink and snack options are categorised as green, and we’ve worked with our vending machine partner Vendy to ensure that healthy snacks are competitively priced.

To celebrate the launch of Healthy Vending at Monash, you can win a week’s worth of snacks for you and your colleagues. To enter:
  • Take a photo of yourself enjoying a healthy snack on campus
  • Upload your photo on Instagram as a public post
  • Include the hashtag #monashhealthysnacks
  • Tag two friends you would share your snacks with if you won
There are 30 snack bundles up for grabs. Each snack bundle includes 15 snack tokens for you and your friends to use at selected Vendy machines at Monash University, valued at up to $90. The competition closes at 11:59 pm AEST on 11 August 2017, terms and conditions apply.

This competition is open to everyone so share among your friends on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Court Sport Multi Pass Sale

Monash Sport is bringing back the Court Sport Multi Pass sale.  For a limited time only buy 9 hours and receive 3 hours free when you purchase a Court Sport Multi Visit Pass.

Passes are available for:

- Badminton

- Tennis

- Squash

- Table Tennis

*** Sports will vary depending on the campus***

Hurry! Sale ends Sunday 20th August, 2017

To purchase or for any enquiries, please speak to our friendly Customer Service staff.