8 ways to avoid a winter workout rut

 Melbourne weather has dropped very quickly in the last few weeks, which will naturally cause us to seek warmth to be comfy. This could hurt our motivations to get active, as we prefer to relax over exercising.
Here are 8 ideas to kick start your winter fitness:

1. Embrace the cold weather

You could be dreading that walk in the cold from your car to the gym, or going for a run in the low temperatures, but don't let those things deter you from exercising. Just remember, there's nothing more rewarding than finishing a workout knowing you've braved the elements.

2. Go buy some new active wear

If you buy new workout gear, then you have to use it! Not only is it a chance to grab some good winter active wear, but the investment you made will motivate you to get out there and put it to good use.

3. Take things slow and steady

When setting up your workout plan, go easy on yourself. Don't plan all your workout on one day of the week, or you may dread that day every week and lack motivation for getting active. Break your workout up over into smaller sessions over a few days if you can. This will be more manageable.

4. Set a big goal

Setting a big goal to achieve is great to have as a light at the end of the tunnel for your efforts. This could be a weight number, or a future event to prepare for like a fun run.

5. Get a workout wingman

If you're exercising with someone else, like a friend or colleague, you're more likely to keep to a set schedule (instead of putting off workouts regularly). You'll be pushing each other to achieve more and you'll probably have more fun getting fit.

6. Refresh your workout playlists

The summer workout tunes have got you through up until now, but it's time for an update.

7. Diet

We all love eating warm, hearty comfort food during winter, and there's nothing wrong with that. But it's important to keep mindful of this, as it may motivate you to do that extra workout.

8. Try something completely new

Doing something new will help you stay away from boredom, which could lead to a dip in motivation. Our Exercises of the Week are a great start to trying out a different workout.