5 Ways Keeping Active Can Help With Exam Stress

With exams fast approaching, stress can be at an all time high for both staff and students. However, taking a break from the desk to get active can be a great way to not only decrease stress, but refresh your mind, so you can go back and study more efficiently. Here are a few reasons why getting active during exams can be good for releasing stress.

  1. Exercising releases endorphins - your happy neurotransmitters

When you’re exercising, your body produces a chemical that triggers positive feelings, and also acts as the body’s natural painkillers. This helps with improving and stabilising your overall mood, and is a natural way to combat anxiety.

  1. Reduce fatigue
Frequent exercise will improve your overall stamina, which means more time to study. Less fatigue also means no more study sessions of just staring at words while your brain processes nothing!
  1. Improve concentration and overall cognitive functions
Staying active will also enhance your mental health. Playing sports or doing a specific exercise helps you concentrate more on the task at hand, and clears your mind of any worries, be it exams or assignments. Not only will this relieve you off your stress, but your overall cognitive functions will also subsequently improve. 
  1. Boost self-esteem
Ever felt proud of yourself after working out? Staying active boosts your self-esteem and confidence. This translates to day-to-day activities as well - having a positive attitude towards yourself will help lessen anxiety when studying, and you will feel more confident when walking into your exams!
  1. Improve sleep
Lastly, after a day of working out, your body will naturally crave for sleep. It is proven that exercises improves sleep quality and duration, giving you that deeper sleep you will need to re-energize your entire body.