MS 24 Hour Mega Swim Registrations now Open!

Registrations for this year's MS Mega Swim are now open!

The MS 24 Hour Mega Swim is a fun team relay event where teams have a swimmer in the water for the entire 24 hours and compete for laps swum and money raised, in support for people living with multiple sclerosis.

Kicking off at 10am on Saturday the 7th of October and concluding 24 hours later at 10am on Sunday, 8th October, this year’s Mega Swim will be our biggest yet! All funds raised at this event will help support those living with MS.

Gather a team of up to 15 people and divide the 24 hours up between you. All participants can swim as many times as they want providing there is a swimmer participating at any one time.

As one of Australia’s most popular and fastest-growing fundraising events, the MS 24 Hour Mega Swim has been held annually in Canberra, Melbourne and Sydney for the past 10 years. To date the event has raised over $1,000,000! All profits raised from the event go towards helping people living with multiple sclerosis to achieve their dreams.
The average age of diagnosis of MS is only 30 years of age. The disease strikes young Australians in the prime of their lives. We help people with multiple sclerosis to achieve as full and healthy a lifestyle as possible through the provision of services, programs and research.

Start getting your team together now and register below!

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5 Ways Keeping Active Can Help With Exam Stress

With exams fast approaching, stress can be at an all time high for both staff and students. However, taking a break from the desk to get active can be a great way to not only decrease stress, but refresh your mind, so you can go back and study more efficiently. Here are a few reasons why getting active during exams can be good for releasing stress.

  1. Exercising releases endorphins - your happy neurotransmitters

When you’re exercising, your body produces a chemical that triggers positive feelings, and also acts as the body’s natural painkillers. This helps with improving and stabilising your overall mood, and is a natural way to combat anxiety.

  1. Reduce fatigue
Frequent exercise will improve your overall stamina, which means more time to study. Less fatigue also means no more study sessions of just staring at words while your brain processes nothing!
  1. Improve concentration and overall cognitive functions
Staying active will also enhance your mental health. Playing sports or doing a specific exercise helps you concentrate more on the task at hand, and clears your mind of any worries, be it exams or assignments. Not only will this relieve you off your stress, but your overall cognitive functions will also subsequently improve. 
  1. Boost self-esteem
Ever felt proud of yourself after working out? Staying active boosts your self-esteem and confidence. This translates to day-to-day activities as well - having a positive attitude towards yourself will help lessen anxiety when studying, and you will feel more confident when walking into your exams!
  1. Improve sleep
Lastly, after a day of working out, your body will naturally crave for sleep. It is proven that exercises improves sleep quality and duration, giving you that deeper sleep you will need to re-energize your entire body. 

SumoSalad now open at Monash Sport Clayton!

You can now give your mind and body the boost it needs, SumoSalad is now open at Monash Sport, Clayton Campus. SumoSalad provides meals that are not only filling and good for you, but also fun, healthy, affordable and tasty!

With their new café style seating area, SumoSalad is offering a great location to meet up with friends or study groups, while fuelling your brain with nutritional meals. Craving a snack after your workout? SumoSalad has the healthy options you need. Have an early catch-up for breakfast and coffee, a quick lunch meeting or an afternoon study session? SumoSalad has you sorted!
Indulge in the variety of salads, grain bowls, wraps or grab a quick and healthy snack to keep you going.
SumoSalad is not only a great place to meet, it can also be your healthy fix on the go. Just download the My Sumo App to order ahead and pick up in store. With SumoSalad now at Monash Sport Clayton, it has never been easier to live a fresh and healthy lifestyle! 

SumoSalad is located at 42 Scenic Boulevard inside the Monash Sport facility, and can be accessed via the Frearson Oval entry or through the Scenic Boulevard entry and down the stairs.

2017 Indigenous University Games

On Thursday, we welcomed Monash's Indigenous University Games teams to Monash Sport, where they were busy honing their skills in a couple of practice matches ahead of the 2017 Indigenous University Games.

23 students from across all Monash campuses will be attending the Indigenous University Games, held in Geelong, at Deakin University from June 25 - 29.

This is the first year Monash University will be represented by two teams. Both teams will be contesting mixed netball, volleyball, basketball and touch football.

This is an excellent opportunity for our Indigenous students to engage in cross-institution activities. Which is extremely important as these students will be connecting and networking with Indigenous staff and students from most Australian Universities in a friendly setting.

One of our students, Samantha Hyde, spoke of the importance of the opportunity to represent Monash: "Having the Indigenous Games available to us has enabled the Indigenous students to strengthen connections with other Australian Universities. It also brings the Indigenous students at Monash together and have a fun, great week for everyone involved."

Liam Ketchup, another Monash student going to the games also added: "It’s a great opportunity to bond with our peers and showcase our ability to work as a team while having fun - and to flog other Universities."

The group would like to thank Professor David Copolov AO, for every year contributing a generous donation towards providing support for the Indigenous University Games. In addition to The Monash Student Association (MSA) and the Indigenous representatives; Jayden Crozier and Bryda Nicols also have worked hard on providing financial support to make it possible to attend, to Monash Sport for assisting with bookings and practice games.

We wish both teams the very best of luck at the 2017 Indigenous University Games.

Monash Sport old uniforms go to charity

Our new uniforms being worn by our staff.

Members and customers may have noticed recently our Monash Sport staff are wearing new uniforms, provided by sport apparel brand ISC.

The old uniforms worn by our staff will be donated to three charities.

A portion of our old uniforms will be donated to Mums Supporting Families in Need, which provides quality material aid to struggling Victorian families who require clothing for wearing or other purposes.

Another portion of our old uniforms will be donated to the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre in Dandenong. Our old uniforms will go towards ensuring the people living and in contact with the ASRC are well clothed with cold weather ahead.

The final portion of our old uniforms will leave Australia, getting shipped to developing countries. Donations in Kind is a Rotary project that collects, stores and ships goods and items that are no longer needed in Australia but are valuable in countries such as Timor Leste, Southern Sudan, Papua New Guinea and Cambodia. Our uniforms will be delivered to any of the countries where they are needed the most.

If you would like to find out more or donate to any of these charities, head to their websites below.
Asylum Seeker Resource Centre 
Mums Supporting Families in Need
Rotary Donations in Kind

Clayton campus cafe area now open!

The new cafe area at our Clayton campus facility is officially open!

Brand new tables and chairs are included in to the refurbishment, to add to the overall modern look. New bench space has also been installed, allowing for more space for members to hang out prior to a workout or Social Sport. A brand new 98 inch wide screen TV has also been installed, showing live sport throughout the year.

All students, staff, members and customers are encouraged to come to Monash Sport and check it out.

The first thing you notice is the changes in look and feel to the area, which provides a more contemporary vibe to the previous cafe area. The colour scheme is the exact same to the ceiling of the Doug Ellis Swimming Pool, giving consistency throughout the center.

The new cafe joining the cafe area, Sumo Salad, will open soon.


8 ways to avoid a winter workout rut

 Melbourne weather has dropped very quickly in the last few weeks, which will naturally cause us to seek warmth to be comfy. This could hurt our motivations to get active, as we prefer to relax over exercising.
Here are 8 ideas to kick start your winter fitness:

1. Embrace the cold weather

You could be dreading that walk in the cold from your car to the gym, or going for a run in the low temperatures, but don't let those things deter you from exercising. Just remember, there's nothing more rewarding than finishing a workout knowing you've braved the elements.

2. Go buy some new active wear

If you buy new workout gear, then you have to use it! Not only is it a chance to grab some good winter active wear, but the investment you made will motivate you to get out there and put it to good use.

3. Take things slow and steady

When setting up your workout plan, go easy on yourself. Don't plan all your workout on one day of the week, or you may dread that day every week and lack motivation for getting active. Break your workout up over into smaller sessions over a few days if you can. This will be more manageable.

4. Set a big goal

Setting a big goal to achieve is great to have as a light at the end of the tunnel for your efforts. This could be a weight number, or a future event to prepare for like a fun run.

5. Get a workout wingman

If you're exercising with someone else, like a friend or colleague, you're more likely to keep to a set schedule (instead of putting off workouts regularly). You'll be pushing each other to achieve more and you'll probably have more fun getting fit.

6. Refresh your workout playlists

The summer workout tunes have got you through up until now, but it's time for an update.

7. Diet

We all love eating warm, hearty comfort food during winter, and there's nothing wrong with that. But it's important to keep mindful of this, as it may motivate you to do that extra workout.

8. Try something completely new

Doing something new will help you stay away from boredom, which could lead to a dip in motivation. Our Exercises of the Week are a great start to trying out a different workout.