Stay on top of your fitness goals

It's March, and the realities of the year, and studies are well and truly here. So - how do you make sure you stay on top of your fitness goals when we're all getting busier? Here are a few tips.

Make it social
Working out with a friend is a great way to stay motivated to be active each week, and can also be more enjoyable than exercising solo. If you prefer to workout at different times to your friends, try the lively atmosphere of a group fitness class. Our Semester 1 Group Fitness timetable has plenty of classes with an upbeat and fun atmosphere. Check it out here.

Be realistic
Setting a new goal to achieve isn't always easy, so make sure your goal is reasonable to your ability. If you are attempting to alter your lifestyle to be healthier, then set fair expectations for yourself. Instead of setting a goal for two weeks ahead for example, think more along the lines of months. Don't be too hard on yourself!

Make the most of your membership
Know what services are on offer to you in your membership, as they can give you that extra help to achieve those fitness goals. This could be access to certain exercise areas, or assistance by fitness centre staff. 

Remember, personalised programs and assessments are available for free on most membership types to help you achieve your training goals. Please speak to one of our health and fitness instructors to book an appointment!

Mix it up 
So you've been going to the gym once a week for a month, and after doing the same program you were given when you started a membership, you want to try something different. 

To keep motivation levels high about working out, have a look for new ways to change up your routine. Our Fitness Centres have a new Exercise of the Week written up every week, giving you that chance to break up your routine while learning a new workout. Ask one of our health and fitness instructors today! 

Find the drive 
'Just to get fit' may not be a strong enough fitness goal that will motivate you to get active. Make your goal something you can measure and keep track of. Such as a weight goal or time for running a course.