Eating healthy over Easter

Easter is a great time of the year to relax with family and friends, however it has the capabilities to throw your eating plan off track. Here are seven ways to eat smarter during the Easter holidays.

1. Keep chocolate for dessert
Eating Easter eggs on an empty stomach can spike blood sugar levels and put you on a hunger and energy roller coaster. So make sure you eat Easter eggs after having a protein-based or high fibre meal. 

2. Choose wholegrain hot cross buns
Wholegrain hot cross buns have more fibre, vitamins and minerals compared to normal ones. Keep an eye out for them in bakeries.

3. Share your sweets
If you have too much chocolate around the house, share them with your friends, family and work colleagues. This avoids you being tempted by leftover Easter chocolate even after the holiday period has past.

4. Stock your fridge
Worried all you'll have in your kitchen during the Easter break is chocolate? Stock your fridge with healthy substitutes that still satisfy your sweet cravings. Use coca powder to make hot chocolate or smoothies, or make fruit kebabs to dip in melted dark chocolate, which is full of more antioxidants.

5. Give in to your cravings
If you deny your food cravings, you are more likely to overindulge. So if you feel like chocolate, eat some!

6. Monitor your food
Think you'll be snacking more than you'd like to over the Easter weekend? Try keeping a food diary, a US study found people who kept daily food records lost twice as much weight as those who kept no records.

7. Build a calorie bank
Try to do exercise every day of the Easter break to balance out the consumption of extra kilojoules. This is also a good opportunity to get the family involved by going for a bike ride, a beach walk or having a kick of the footy!

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