Newly Refurbished Group Fitness Studio at Clayton

Monash Sport is pleased to announce that the Clayton group fitness studio will reopen on Friday 3 March, after undergoing a significant refurbishment that has transformed the room into a fantastic, modern and fit for purpose space.  

The works included the reconfiguration of the current building roof and a new ceiling, new heating and cooling and enhanced acoustics to optimise the functioning aspects of the room.

The new air handling system in the refurbished studio provides a substantial improvement to the temperature extremes that were experienced in the cooler and warmer months. The new roof also ensures that the air handling system performs to at optimal efficiency and ensures that a level of natural light illuminates the space. The natural light is perfectly coupled with enhanced LED lighting to ensure ideal lighting is experienced at any time of the day

To help get you into the exercise zone, a new sound system has been installed to help keep the tunes (and you!) pumping throughout the class. Not only that, the new studio was redesigned to allow for an excellent acoustic environment so the music and instructors directions will be crystal clear.

An enhanced equipment storage area perfectly complements the space by blending functional equipment and bag storage with the quality look and feel of the studio.

Finally, a quality, sprung wooden floor has been installed to enhance shock absorption and member comfort in the room.


The Group Fitness Studio pre-refurbishment.

The Group Fitness Studio pre-refurbishment.