5 Healthy Tips For Summer

The Monash Tan Track at Clayton campus is now open for casual walking and running.

The summer break is a great chance to unwind, relax, and catch up with friends and family over the festive season. It is also a great chance to recharge your batteries for 2017. Here are five tips to use as reminders on staying healthy and maintaining your well being this summer.

1. Stay Hydrated
If previous summers are anything to go by, the coming months will be hot and humid. Make sure you take a water bottle with you before leaving home for plans set outside. Dehydration can cause exhaustion and drain your energy.

2. Get outdoors
This is the ideal weather for heading outside and having fun with friends and family. Head to the beach for a swim, head to the park to kick the football or simply go for a walk!

Or you can head to Monash Sport for free play* on our courts or for a swim at the Doug Ellis Pool!

3. Rest Up
Resist the urge to stay up later during the long summer days. Instead pay attention to good sleep hygiene by keeping the same bed time and wake-up schedule. It is better to be well rested during the holiday break, instead of being tired due to frequent late nights.

4. Sun Smart
Make sure you are looking after yourself when you're outdoors. This includes applying sun screen, wearing a hat, sun glasses, and finding shade when possible.

5. Set Aside Some Free Time
A good chance to take a break and refresh, make sure you set some time aside to relax and have some down time to yourself. Reading a book, going for a walk, or even taking a nap are just some of things you should do!

From all of us at Monash Sport, have a safe and enjoyable holiday break!

*(If there are no prior bookings)