Monash Games Volleyball Staff Challenge Recap

As the nets are raised the teams are gearing up and ready to go. Today saw 4 staff teams battle it out to become the champs.

The competition was fierce with 3 of the 4 teams all winning games. There were plenty of sneaky shots, some looking like they were going out, before falling just inside the lines, and plenty of miss-hits that saw the ball rocket towards the roof before landing on the other side of the stadium.

From the get-go the two teams to beat were the Civil Engineers' Team and eSolations - Vaders who came out with some impressive skills. However, MCN and eSol - To Kill A Blocking Nerd still put up a valiant fight which made it a great competition. eSol - To Kill A Blocking Nerd does win best name in the volleyball competition, with their amazing pun of to Kill a Mocking Bird, including both a volleyball and nerd reference.

After many miss-hits and spikes, eSolutions - Vaders and Civil Engineers' Team gracefully made it into the grand final. It was a close contest, with both teams winning and conceding shots, and players on both sides making some spectacular spikes over the net. In the end the eventual winners were crowned, congratulations to Civil Engineers' Team for becoming the champions for 2016.