Monash Games Staff Challenge Review

Day 2 of Monash Games saw the staff of Monash go head to head in a half day event to see who was the best. This saw many games which saw faculty vs faculty and division vs division go up against each. Similar to the first day, staff came out in force with a positive attitude and ready and willing to play their best.

5 a side soccer saw a domination of eSolutions, having all but 2 teams in the competition. Everyone played with fierce determination, with some taking it super seriously. This saw many great, high scoring games, with the eSolutions teams dominating throughout the competition. In the end it came down to eSolutions Futsies against eStrikers. Both teams held domination during different parts of the game with eSoultion Futsies taking it out 3 to 1.

Despite only having 4 teams in the competition the open volleyball saw a great turnout. Although MCN and eSo - To Kill a Blocking Nerd put up a great contest, eSolutions - Vaders and Civil Engineers' Team were the ones to beat throughout the day. In the end Civil Engineers team came out victorious against eSolutions - Vaders in a final that went down to the wire.

Open Netball saw everything, from super close games, to blowouts, including a 19 point shut out and a game where both teams combined score was 4. Despite this, the competition brought a high standard with everyone bringing a positive, yet determined attitude. In the end the final saw Hogan's Heroes go up against The #1 Sporty Monash Sport Sports Team (ft. Sport).

Open basketball brought a high level of competition, with many of the games being extremely close. This meant that the championship was up for grabs for anyone, with the competition being that close. After 5 hard fought rounds, Mooseless Monash Sport and eDribblers made it to the grand final with Mooseless Monash Sport becoming the overall champions winning 15 to 9 in an entertaining match.

Congratulations to all staff champions, and a big thank you to all staff who took time out of their day to compete and make the day a success.

For more photos and video from the day, check out the Monash Sport Facebook page.