Monash Games Indoor Soccer Day 1

The first day of the Monash Games saw a great competition in the Open Indoor Soccer, with 12 teams battling it out for the title, the largest competition of the day.

You know it's going to be a great day when you have teams named Lallanas in Pyjamas and Juice in the mix. There were plenty of highlights, including headers, long goals and plenty of fast play. Many of the games were high scoring, including two 11 to 1 victories to Brothers FC and Amigos de Squid Buffalo T4C and a 12 to 1 win for Kroos Control.

By the end of the day the grand final saw Brothers FC play Kroos Control. Two of the dominating teams from the day, with many of their games being blowouts. This led to an intense grand final as the two teams became evenly matched. After a slow start, which saw no goals scored for the first quarter of the game, it started to rain goals for both teams. After an intense contest in the grand final that followed 4 rounds and 2 finals, Brothers FC were crowned the winners for 2016 winning 7 to 6.

Congratulations to everyone involved and to Brothers FC for winning.