Monash Games Basketball Day 1

After a tough day of competition in Basketball, which saw five rounds played and some spectacular shots and team plays put on show, Pistols have come out victorious.

Throughout the five rounds all the teams showed incredible strength and determination in the run to become champions of Monash Games 2016. This determination was at its peak as the day progressed with all players pushing through the multiple games played today. The atmosphere in the stadium was electric with everyone getting some white line fever and passion.

The level of competition was fierce with many fouls called, determined lay-ups, 3 points shot, and even an amazing dunk from the Pistols during the first round of games. After a great day of games Millennium Falcons and Pistols made it to the final.

The game against these two teams was a fierce contest. However, although the Millennium Falcons put up a valiant performance the Pistols were just too strong and dominated early on to win by 22 points with the final score being; Pistols 35 to Millennium Falcons 13.

Congratulations to Pistols for their impressive performance in becoming 2016 Champions, and well done to everyone who competed.