Monash Games 5 a Side Soccer Staff Challenge

In this modified version of soccer, staff teams battled it out on the field for ultimate bragging rights. The eSolution team came out in numbers, having 4 teams out of the 6 teams that entered the competition. Asides from the domination of eSolutions, the best team name goes to Scrambled eggs on legs, for their clever pun name.

The day saw lots of enthusiasm from all the teams and supporters with many cheers being heard from the sidelines, and coaches and subs getting a little bit of white line fever.

Everyone came out determined and rearing to go, some teams being decked out in full soccer gear. All games saw a high quality of skill and determinations, despite the minor slip ups and spills on the field, including a friendly fire that saw two playing temporarily go down before getting up and brushing themselves off to continue playing.

After an exciting day of games the grand final came around with eSolutions Futsies versing eStrikers. eStrikers came out firing in the first half having most of the possession and scoring the first goal to lead into half time 1 to 0. As the second half went underway momentum shifted to the eSolutions Futsies who came out fighting in the second half, having multiple shots at goal and eventually scoring two goals to take the game.  In the end eSolutions Futsies came out victorious in a tight contest that saw them winning 3 to 1.