A Look at Our Monash Games Volunteers

The volunteers at Monash Games are seen as an integral part of the heart and sole of the games, without them, the Monash Games would not be able to run. From scoring, to registration, to reporting, the volunteers are involved with almost every aspect of Monash Games. Here, we shine a light on our volunteers and take a behind the scenes look from the games.

Throughout the day the volunteers can be seen at each and every game scoring, making sure everyone is on their best behaviour, and generally overviewing the smooth running of the games.

Over at the dodgeball amongst the mayhem of flying balls and competitive players Dianna and Leaticia are keeping score of the first round of games. Both are current students at Monash, with Leaticia completing a post-gradute degree. Despite not being accustomed to all the rules of every sport played over Monash Games they are really enjoying themselves and learning a lot about the workings of each sport they are scoring at.

While speaking to both of them they both mentioned how they expressed interest in volunteering to help boost their resumes and CVs for potential employers. Leaticia stating she wanted to start volunteering before beginning the semester, while Dianna stumbled across the volunteering opportunity in the career gateway portal and thought it looked interesting. They both agree that volunteering is a great thing to do to help others, even if its just spending their time helping out at a sports competition, and that they have enjoyed Monash Games heaps.

Thank you to all our volunteers who gave us their time to be apart of one of Monash Sport's biggest events of the year.