SummerFest's Epic Clash of Colleges

Centarus College has claimed its maiden College Clash title to be the 2016 champions across Clayton, Caulfield, Peninsula and Berwick campuses this week, winning the overall competition in front of over 700 students at Monash Sport Clayton.

Centaurus celebrating their win

Tug-o-war was the usual headline game of the College Clash, as hundreds of students crammed into Monash Sport's Recreation Hall, cheering and chanting to their College's teams. However the inaugural Campus Community Cup stole the show in the 2016 Clash, as eight members from each of the 14 Monash Colleges raced their self-made cardboard boats.

Deakin Hall was the confirmed winner of the cardboard boat race, winning $1,000 prize money for their College. The cardboard boat race generated an electric atmosphere, as each College entered two teams of four students to complete the relay race using the same cardboard boat. While some College teams were unfortunate to miss out on 1st place, other College's will aim for success in 2017, as they realised the level of difficulty in keeping a cardboard boat intact for a highly intense racing environment.

Deakin Hall ready to race

Adam Fernandes is the Coordinator of Non-Residential Colleges, giving advice and counseling to students who don't live on campus however seek the same support given to students who live on residence. He believes the new Campus Community Cup was a great addition to the College Clash.

"When I spoke to members last night, a lot of them really loved it, and they felt that kind of excitement around watching the race. So I think they'd like to see that happen every year now," he said,

"College Clash has always been one of the highlights of our calendar, and it appeals to a lot of members who play sport, because it's in the spirit of competition and it's a big event. So it's not just a weekly thing, you get to see the other halls of Res, and it's a lot more colourful."

"For those who don't play sport, it's a great introduction into something that can be fun, but at the same time can be competitive. So it appeals to two very different groups and it brings them together."

The students were given the task of building their own cardboard boast for the Campus Community Cup, therefore best dressed boat awards were given out with cash prizes.

Best Presented Boats:
1st - Turner, $500
2nd - Berwick, $250
3rd - Normanby House & Campbell, $150 each

The Berwick "Bull"

In between their competitions, students were able to enjoy blending their own smoothies on a push bike under the Bike'N'Blend tent, running around playing Bubble Soccer and re-energising with provided catering.
The College Clash encourages students from Monash's Colleges to get active in games that are enjoyment focused, and are open to College's belonging to students living on residence and non-residential Colleges. This is the fourth College Clash, which has been included as part of the inaugural SummerFest.

Students enjoy the catering in between competitions

Tug of War

Bike n Blend smoothies