2015 at Monash Sport: The Numbers

Below are some of the statistics from last year's Social Sport, memberships and general visits to our facilities, as well as our recorded satisfaction rating from you, our members.
Social Sport in 2015 saw a major increase in teams compared to 2014.

 The number of teams registered at Peninsula campus dropped. However both Caulfield and Clayton saw a major incline in teams last year.
The number of teams registered in Social Sport has a direct correlation to the number of participants. This could be due to teams moving to other campuses due to availability.
Mixed Netball proved to be the most popular Social Sport competition in 2015, with 43 teams registering in 2015 over two semesters. Open Indoor Soccer was also popular.
The graph above divides the number of visits to our facilities in 2015. Monash Sport received over 1,073000 visits to our facilities last year, including the three campuses along with Social Sport and SWAP Programs.
In 2015, Monash Sport's total number of members reached over 11,900, with approximately 9,200 of these being students. The peak number of members represents the period Monash Sport had the highest number of active memberships. The peak number of current members symbolises the highest number of active members at some point in 2015, made up of students, Monash University staff, and Monash community members.  

See below our customer satisfaction ratings, as given by our members. If you would like to give us feedback to help us improve, head to our website or the link at the bottom of our monthly member email.