Holiday Refurbisments 2016

All Monash Sport facilities were closed for a short time over the Christmas and New Years break. During this period there were a number of renovations completed to enhance member experience.

Listed below are the improvements completed over the break at your Monash Sport facility:

  • New resistance bands, foam rollers, slam balls, aqua bag, plyometric box and additional weight kettlebells. 
  • Resealed basketball courts and group fitness studio floors.
  • Dual adjustable pulley to be replaced with the new model, and a platform to be installed into the power rack (To be in effect by the end of January).
  • New foam rollers, speed ropes, bumper plates, barbell lock jaw collars, parallettes, trap bar, Bulgarian bag and new kettlebell set. 
  • Installation of additional TV above TRX units, to display latest Monash Sport news.
  • Window frosting has been installed on the bottom row windows in the upstairs training area, to block out sun glare.
  • Foam rollers have a new storage area which is more central to the functional training area.
  • The Matrix Cell has been extended to enhance functional training options. With additional rings, more space for chin ups (hanging leg raises, muscle ups etc) and the introduction of ball targets.
  • Replacement of rubber flooring for the second level of Fitness Centre.
  • Upgrade of all TV Units and adding a new speaker to the functional training area in the Fitness Centre. 
  • The Stadium has been revitalised with a new coat of paint.