Viva Italia - Leading by Example

Throughout and following the 10,000 steps challenge we've been advocating the numerous benefits of walking.

Walking helps manage weight, increase mood and reduces your risk for a multitude of diseases and our staff are definitely walking their talk.

The recent 10,000 steps challenge offered the perfect opportunity for our staff to lead by example, with our Caulfield team "Viva Italia", winning the Caulfield campus 10,000 steps challenge.

Team consisted of Debbie Paras - leading the charge at 659,939 steps alone, along with team captain Stephen Ludekens, and other team members Celeste Astorino, Olga Peneva-Prakash, Jeremy O'Halloran, Tim Wallace, Liana Vlajankov and Lina May.

The team completed the challenge in only 15 days, 10 days before the finish date. Overall the team completed 3,887,874 steps, 1,647,874 over the total number of steps required to complete the challenge.