DorsaVi Study Opportunity

The Monash University Physiotherapy department are studying the way the movements of the spine change with age. They would like to know when spines start to lose their mobility and how this may be affected by lifestyle or a history of back pain.
The project has been approved by the Monash University Ethics Committee that oversees research involving humans. They are seeking participants across the lifespan for this study aged 18 years or more without current back pain.
Participants will be provided with a report of their low back movement assessment and a free movie ticket  Testing and a survey take about 30 minutes. The test is not invasive and there is no cost for participation or for the report.

Movement testing will be conducted on the Monash University Peninsula campus, but, as the measuring devices are portable, it may also be possible for data to be collected at a location of your choice. This might suit a group of people who are interested in participating (for example, we could come to a retirement village, sports club, or community group to assess  on site).
If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact Jenny via  Jenny is on holidays till  January so don't be discouraged if a response is delayed. The next test session is planned for mid January 2016.