Challenge Circuit challenges our members!

Congratulations to our members who recently completed the Circuit Challenge, held at Monash Sport Clayton on Tuesday 20 October.

It was fantastic to see our members actively involved and the energy and effort put forward to get through the challenges was inspiring. Well done!

Over 25 members were put through their paces against a ticking clock, completing a series of personal challenges, including a range of push, pull and body-weight exercises. The challenge highlighted areas for many of our members that they may want to focus on more during their training in the fitness centre.

The Circuit Challenge provides the perfect opportunity for members to reassess their training direction and balance. We encourage all members to take advantage of our Program Designs/Reviews and Assessments following completion of the Circuit Challenge.

Monash Sport offers members Program Designs and Assessments at no additional cost, making it a fantastic and affordable way to help track and monitor your fitness progress.

Bookings can be made at the fitness centre with any of our fully qualified instructors.