2016 Membership Information (for current Monash Sport members)

We are writing to inform you that Monash Sport will be implementing minor price adjustments for its services from Monday 4 January, 2016. These price adjustments have been limited in the most part to a 3 to 5% increase, in order to meet rising operational expenses such as electricity, gas, water and labour costs. All current members will be receiving communication detailing the specifics of these adjustments.

Additionally, this is also a reminder about Monash University's annual close-down period, which will be effective from Wednesday 23 December 2015 through Sunday 3 January 2016 (inclusive). This is a timely reminder that customers will not be able to use our facilities during this time, and that members on direct debit memberships may wish to suspend their memberships over this time. Our last day of operation in 2015 will be Tuesday 22 December.

Please speak to a Monash Sport customer service officer for any further information. 

Thank you for your continued support and custom, we look forward to again serving you in a bigger and better 2016!