Summer Water Safety

Summer is on it's way and offers a great excuse to spend time around water in efforts to combat the extreme temperatures. Typical Australian summer activities such as boating, swimming or trips to the beach, can be fantastic ways to cool off, however it's important to be safe.

Each year, tragic and avoidable water related fatalities occur. Having at least a beginner level of swimming ability can make a huge difference.

In an effort to increase water safety and swimming ability of Monash University students, all current students can enrol in free beginner swimming classes through our Water Wise program. The program is made available free to students thanks to SSAF funding.

Other factors to keep in mind if you're not a confident swimmer:

  • Don't swim alone. Take a buddy even if the area is supervised by lifeguards.
  • Don't drink alcohol around water, it impairs judgement, balance and coordination and affects swimming skills.
  • Wear a life jacket when boating.
  • Lifesavers are only on duty when the red and yellow flags are displayed. ALWAYS swim between these flags.
Term 4 programs have already begun, but you can enrol at any time. The term runs from 5 October to 20 December. More information can be found here.