Over $9,000 raised at MS 24 Hour Mega Swim

Team Minky raised over $3,800 and swam 87 kms

By Liam Sharp

The 24 Hour Mega Swim, Stride and Spin was held over the weekend at Monash Sport, with over $9,000 raised for people affected by Multiple Sclerosis.

From 10am on Saturday morning to the following Sunday, five teams contributed to raising money for Multiple Sclerosis Australia. There were many tired faces when 10am Sunday arrived, as many participants elected to sleep at the pool over night. However all 52 participants were proud of their achievements while raising money for an excellent cause.

The money raised will go towards financially helping people unable to achieve their goals and dreams due to Multiple Sclerosis, in what MS Australia call Go for Gold scholarships.

Spokesperson for MS Australia Shara Gillahan was thrilled with the efforts shown from all the teams.

"So for the 2015 Monash 24 Hour Mega Swim, Spin and Cycle, you guys have been able to raise over $8,700 and still counting. That's an amazing effort and will help so many recipients of Go for Gold scholarships," she said.     

"The MS 24 Hour Mega Swim is to help raise funds to support people with MS to achieve their dream by granting them Go for Gold scholarships. Which is a financial scholarship to help them achieve their dreams, whether it be in education or employment, anything like that. Just to make it a little bit easier for them to achieve their dreams."

Shara herself was diagnosed with MS five years ago, and after being supported by MS Australia she has joined the organisation to give something back. 

"I was diagnosed with MS in 2010, and I was fortunate enough to be a recipient of a Go for Gold scholarship in 2012. And through that it allowed me to achieve my dream of traveling over to Ireland and UK and the US to learn millinery from some of the world's best milliners," she said.

Click here for the highlights video featuring Go Pro footage.

The Mega Spin and Mega Stride were two new additions to the Mega Swim event this year, to give flexibility for those wanting to contribute out of the pool. The Mega Stride consisted of walking or running on a treadmill, while the Mega Spin gave participants the task of riding on a spin bike for 24 hours.

Mega Swim team Team Minky took out the overall winning team award, raising $3,840 and swimming 87.6km. Sally Fyfield won the award for highest fundraising for an individual, raising $1,485.

Georgia Abott took out the youth award and Mega Spin team the Knight Riders won the award for best dressed team.

Monash Sport has held five Mega Swim events over the years, with over $100,000 being raised in total.

Donations for the Monash 24 Hour Mega Swim, Mega Spin and Mega Stride will close a month after the event finishes. Follow this link to donate.

Mega Spin team 'Knight Riders' won the best dressed team award.