Womens Netball Round 1 Recap

Round 1 Womens Netball Monash Games 2015

The sounds of whistles, buzzers and screeching rubber on the courts definitely signal the beginning of the Womens Netball competition here at the Monash Games 2015.

The morning of netball for Round 1 has been a great start to what will be a highly competitive day of Womens Netball.

Honey Badgers have started off the competition very strongly, getting the highest score for Round 1 (37 - 4). The team showcased fast and swift movement down the court, rounded off by sweeping lobs into the goal circle. The shooters were extremely accurate, hardly missing a goal. 

Monash AUG Womens also asserted their strength in this competition, winning comfortably over the Honey Bears 25 – 2. The team’s noticeable attribute seems to be its very tight defence all over the court and especially in the goal circle. After this initial win, the Monash AUG Womens team were very confident in their chances of success, already claiming that they are “going to win”.  They also did not seem too concerned by any of the other teams, confident in their skills on court.

The next round will see the Honey Badgers and Monash AUG Womens first match against each other. Definitely a match to keep an eye out for!

                                           Honey Bears vs. Monash AUG Womens (25 - 2)