Womens Netball Final Recap

                               Monash AUG Womens Team Wins Womens Netball Final 

The Monash AUG Womens Team have won the Womens Netball in the Monash Games 2015.
After playing a full days worth of netball encompassing 5 rounds plus the final and even having some team members playing in the Dodgeball competition and umpiring, they played a great game enabling them to win.

                                          Womens Netball Winners - Monash AUG Womens 

The Monash AUG Womens team played against the Honey Badgers in the Womens Netball Final. Both teams had a record of high scores in their previous matches, with the Monash AUG Womens teams getting the overall highest score of 45 during the rounds and even the second overall highest score of 44. The goalers rarely missed from any position within the goal circle.

The two teams had pretty similar skill sets, with tall GKs, good movement down the court and both being able to quickly turnover the ball in the mid-court. The final was fast-paced and remained at a high-intensity throughout and both teams showed great sportsmanship. Monash AUG Womens scored the first goal of the match, which set them off to a strong start that was expected of them. Although the teams both showed great physical skills, it was evident that the Monash AUG Womens team had solid and well trained systems that enabled them to quickly turn their defence into offence and move the ball quickly and effectively down the court. The GS had a great game too, only missing one of her shots for the entire match.

After Round 1, both teams established themselves early as the two top teams to beat, with strong performances and very consistent goalers. They played each other in Round 2, with the Monash AUG Womens team defeating the Honey Badgers 24 - 9 - obviously a lucky number for the winners!

However, in the final the Monash AUG Womens team got out to an early lead, up at half-time 11 - 3 and were able to comfortably maintain this lead in the second half to win 24 - 9.

                                           Womens Netball Runners Up - Honey Badgers