Staff Volleyball Monash Games 2015

Day 3 Monash Games Staff  Challenge Competition 

With some music pumping in the Stadium, the atmosphere is filled with a great energy that really encapsulates the nature of the Staff Challenge day at the Monash Games. All the teams are enjoying getting out on the courts and sitting on the sidelines it is great to see such enthusiastic teamwork, players patting each other on the backs, and of course their inner competitive nature.


The 5 rounds of the volleyball tournament have gone by exceedingly quickly. We had 2 courts of matches playing simultaneously here in the Stadium and one practice court that all teams made good use of during their BYE match in each round.

The matches have been of a really good quality, with a handful of strong, well timed spikes, sweeping serves and some serves that only just dribbled over the net.

For some of the servers one court was not enough, as many serves drifted over to the middle practice court - and interesting tactic and potentially an easy point if it counted.

The Stadium has also been filled with frantic scrambling to keep the ball alive, loud calls to leave the ball when it look to be going out of court and importantly audible clapping and words of encouragement on the court.

Foot faults were catching the players out in some of the earlier round as the umpires were not letting any go undetected.

The best team name definitely goes to Tequila Blocking Nerd. The players explained the reasoning of the name.

"Tequila because 'to kill a', blocking because we are playing volleyball, and nerd because we are all from the IT department"

Tequila Blocking Nerd came a respectable 5th in today's competition and had put together their team  solely for the Monash Games. A couple of the players play volleyball externally to Monash, but most do not play volleyball regularly.

Although all the teams are here to have fun, the was definitely strong competition buzzing around the Stadium. An unknown team were using their BYE match not to practice but to check out the competition.

"I'm going to go watch our opposition and see what they are doing"

Grand Final

Persian Gulf vs. eSol and One

Quick reflexes marked the beginning of the volleyball final, both teams showing their good net skills from very early on.

eSol and One said they were "hopeful" for their chances in the final, especially given they had just beaten Persian Gulf in an earlier round. With a couple of team members having played in the Monash Games for the past 5 years, no signs of nerves were showing.

Final score eSol and One 31 defeated Persian Gulf 22

3rd playoff

TLTNTB vs. Hotshots

Final score Hotshots 31 defeated TLTNTB 16