Staff Mixed Netball Monash Games 2015

Staff Mixed Netball

Our afternoon of mixed netball is under way in the Stadium!

The tournament started with a fiery start, with more falls and skids than we would have liked to have seen. There were a few minor injuries later on in the day, that hopefully the players can recover from quickly.

The mixed netball lineup was bound to be entertaining and did not let us down in that regards, as teams threw themselves around the court. However, it was the cheer-squad for team 766.324 that stole the show at the Stadium. They were in full voice to get the competition started from the very opening round. If you are wondering what this intriguing team name refers to, it is the dewey decimal number for the word 'netball' - good piece of trivia information.

The umpires had their work cut out for them today, needing to carefully explain the rules. However, some of the players took their advice a bit too literally. The GD from SERVICES measured out with his own feet 3 neat steps from the GA before putting up his arms to defend.

eSolution-dotnetters lost a player early in their Round 3 match, his glasses flying off his face and breaking on contact with the court.

Overall though, all of the players enjoyed having a bit of fun and exercise with their team mates and playing sports that they normally do not have the time to play.

Chants from the Libry cheer-squad

"We love you library, we do"
"Glory, glory to the library"
"Que sera sera, whatever will be, will be we are from the library"
"There's only one library, walking along, singing along, walking in a library wonderland"
"We will shoot 500 goals and we will stop 500 more"

Grand Final

eSolutions-dotnetters vs. Psyched 

The first half saw a strong start by eSolutions-dotnetters. Their GS proved to be extremely reliable in the ring, helping them to get out to a decent lead early on.

The males in the team seemed to have springs in their legs, in particular the C and GA leaping to intercept and keep the ball alive.

Halftime score eSolutions-dotnetters lead 9 to Psyched 2

Psyched got the first goal of the second half, hoping to close the gap early on.

Though during the game it was clear that some of the players come from basketball backgrounds, with distinctive basketball shooting styles and good reading of the ball in the mid-court, causing some turnovers. eSolutions-dotnetters showed their skills in moving the ball down the court quickly and this help them to victory.

Final score eSolutions-dotnetters 12 defeated Psyched 5