Round Recaps | Open Indoor Soccer, Monash Games 2015

Round 1

The opening round of the Indoor Soccer competition has seen a number of teams emerge as early favourites.

Alliance FC, donning custom uniforms and having played together regularly, were all business, with a clinical defeat of a skilled Poseidon FC.

Los Desperados also stamped themselves as serious championship challengers, with a 5-3 victory over Amigos de Shabs.

Blitz, made up of three players from yesterday's winning mixed indoor soccer team, also claimed a 6-3 domination over Dingley Rep.

In the final game of the round, The Salty Dawgs walked their way to a 7-1 belting of Brothers.

With two rounds to come, we are in for an exciting day of highly-skilled and highly-competitive matches.

Alliance FC 4 def Poseidon FC 3
Los Desperados 5 def Amigos de Shabs 3
Flying Germans 5 def Bhavbarians 3
Blitz 6 def Dingley Rep 3
The Salty Dawgs 7 def Brothers 0

Round 2

Alliance FC v Los Desperados shaped up to be the match of the round with impressive first round performances, and it did not disappoint.

With Los Desperados taking an early two-goal lead inside two minutes, the intensity of both teams went to a finals-like intensity.

Both teams went goalless as the defence of Los Desperados held the skills of Alliance at bay, but with 8 minutes remaining, Alliance closed the deficit to 1-2.

Los Desperados reacted quickly, firing a through-ball to their striker who slotted a ball into an unmanned goals. Alliance bought it back within a goal after a neat dink into the top-right corner of goals, and then seconds later levelled the scores with just 3 minutes left in the match.

Being awarded a free kick in the final minute, a desperate Los Desperados defence blocked the strike,  both teams unable to break through defence and the fierce match closed out in a draw.

In other matches, Amigos de Shabs found their rhythm after their Round 1 defeat to cruise their way to a 11-1 thrashing of Flying Germans.

The Salty Dawgs also continued to impressed with a 4-1 defeat of Poseidon FC, including a brilliant lob over a defender followed by a mid-air rocket past the keeper in the final moments of the match.

With just one round to go, only Blitz and The Salty Dawgs stand with two wins, while Alliance and Los Desperados are close behind with one win and a draw.

Alliance FC 3 drew with Los Desperados 3
Amigos de Shabs 11 def Flying Germans 1
Bhavabrians 2 drew with Dingley Rep 2
The Salty Dawgs 4 def Poseidon FC 1
Blitz 4 def Brothers 1

Stay tuned for more updates throughout the day.

More images from the competition are on the Monash Sport Facebook Page.