Staff Indoor Soccer, Monash Games 2015


The opening round of the staff challenge saw the Golden Oldies overcome ADB in an impressive battle of skill between the two teams. Other matches were also close, with the Pensioners, Re-boot also claiming their first wins of the day. A thrilling close to a match between TGI Friday and Kickit in the local eSolutions derby, saw TGI Friday claim a goal with just three seconds to go, bringing the scores level.

Golden oldies 3 def ADB 2
eSol Pensioners 1 def Forrest United 0
eSolutions Re-boot 2 def Nerds FC 0
eSolutions - TGI Friday 1 drew with eSolutions Kickit


The make-or-break round for many, the Pensioners and TGI Fridays strolled into Round 3 with undefeated records. Meanwhile, Kickit, Golden Oldies and ADB remained on one win each, making their third round match all important in their chances to reach finals.

ADB 1 def Forrest United 0
eSol Pensioners 2 def eSolutions Re-Boot 1
eSolutions - TGI Friday 3 def Golden oldies 2
eSolutions Kickit 3 def Nerds FC 2


The semi-finals will see ADB face off against TGI Fridays, while Kickit play Golden Oldies.

ADB 2 def eSolutions Re-Boot 0
eSolutions Kickit 1 def eSol Pensioners 0
Golden oldies 5 def Forrest United 1
eSolutions - TGI Friday 5 def Nerds FC 1


ADB claimed two early goals to make it difficult for TGI Fridays. With the two-goal deficit still remaining on 4 minutes left in the second half, TGI Fridays stepped up their intensity and slotted two goals in a minute - one thanks to a handy error from the ADB 'keeper resulting in an own goal.

The defence of both teams held up strongly in the final minutes of the match, and the game was sent into a penalty shoot-out.

Neither team had trouble with the penalties until the fourth round, with both keepers impressively putting a stop to the shots by the opposition.

ADB player James Van Der Wolde lined up in the fifth and had his shot stopped by the keeper, and with the opposition not missing their following two penalties, they launched themselves into the Grand Final.

TGI Fridays will meet Golden Oldies in the Grand Final, who progressed in penalty shoot-outs as well against the eSolutions Kickit team.


In the eagerly-awaited, all-star Grand Final of the staff indoor soccer championship, the Golden Oldies faced up against the TGI Fridays team representing the eSolutions desk.

An early opportunity to TGI Fridays was missed when a neat lob over the head of the Golden Oldies' defence hit the head of their striker, but it drifted above the crossbar.

In an end-to-end match, neither team could gain ascendency over their opponents, both teams struggling to maintain possession and find structure pressing forward.

The second half went underway with the scoreboard still untouched, a big strike from the Golden Oldies' defender on the half-way line missing well above goals.

Soon after, TGI returned fire with a similarly powerful strike from outside the area, this time rocketing wide of the target.

Opportunities were missed by both teams, with defence holding up sturdily.

A break through defence saw a chance for TGI but the 'keeper stood up well.

The final buzzer rang out with both teams still scoreless, and the match proceeded into penalty shoot-out.

Scores were locked at 4-4 in the penalty, when Golden Oldies sent a shot into the keeper, and lost them the game with TGI Fridays stepping up to kick the final goal and win them the championship.

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