No team, no worries

High Flyers 

A week ago the team High Flyers did not exist. A week later, they have a solid chance of making the finals for the Open Basketball here at Monash Games 2015.

Just a few minutes before their first match of the day, the players met each other in person for the first time, only having communicated on Facebook previously.

Aman took the initiative to get a team together for the competition, and he luckily found some interested people through the Monash Uni Social Sport Facebook page. He sent out a post in the group, tagging people who had shown interest and suggested to make a new team. In his post Aman also expressed that he "never has the time to play" so was encouraging anyone to "please join if you guys are interested".

The High Flyers had a tough start to the day, having to play their Round 1 and Round 2 match back to back. Their Round 1 match was against Monash Blues. Despite losing the match 20 - 18, the tight scrolling reflects their good skills. The High Flyers scored the opening points of the match and even managed to get 2 3-pointer shots. Their second match was against the Monash Ballers and the final scoreline was also relatively close, only losing 17 - 12.

What is even more impressing about this ad-hoc team is the wonderful diversity of the players. Aman originally comes from India, and has been in Australia for exactly 1 year as of today. Francisco, their tallest player and strong rebounder is from Mexico, but will be leaving Australia soon. Raiyan only arrived from Bangladesh 19 days ago and will probably have a few bruises tomorrow! This is a real testament to these players willingness to have a go and they encompass what it means to play a team sport like Basketball.

But they are not here to just have fun. Aman has high expectations of his team, checking the ladder ad results page to check out and analyse the other teams. Aman was confident in his team's chances to have a successful competition.

"We are going to be in the semis for sure."

Round 3 saw the pressure mount a bit more for the High Flyers, being down 24 - 18. With the final minute ticking down, Aman frantically coached from the sideline, telling the team to "Push! Push!"
Aman was one of the more vocal players for the day, constantly cheering on his team from the sidelines.

Unfortunately they did not make it to the semis, but the team played some great matches and made new friendships with each other too.
Hopefully we will see the High Flyers again at next year's competition.