Mixed Indoor Soccer, Monash Games 2015

A surprise victory has seen Team Melli take out the championship for this year's Mixed Indoor Soccer competition.

Three teams competed at this year’s event at the Monash Games. 

In the opening match, eSolutions Lightwood United (ELU) made it clear they were the team to beat, taking a swift 3-0 lead in the opening half against Team Melli. A late comeback from the underdogs closed the deficit, but it wasn’t enough to overcome ELU with Reuben Solopotias closing out an impressive performance with four goals.

With a number of staff members from the eSolutions desk at Monash, and the addition of a son-daughter-father trio, their confidence was high with each player prepared to take on their opponent in 1-on-1 battles. The team play weekly at Clayton campus between themselves and other staff, and being the only team with multiple substitutes available seemed to be well-prepared for the competition.

The second round saw ELU continue their form against the Peninsula team, finishing with an emphatic 5-3 win, and propelling them into the Grand Final.

With Peninsula and Team Melli facing off in Round 3 for a position in the Grand Final, Team Mello impressed their intent early with a plethora of goals, and closed out the game with a 11-4 belting.

As their name suggests, Peninsula all live together on the Monash Peninsula campus, and often play at Clayton campus. Unfortunately knocked out early, they will hopefully be returning next year for another crack at the title.

The Grand Final saw ELU come in as favourites after defeating Team Melli in the opening round, and with their opponents not scheduled with a break before the final, all odds seemed to be with them.

But despite these factors, Team Melli took an early lead by surprise and looked coherent pressing forward with solid team structures as compared to the single-player efforts of ELU.

With Solopotias bringing the match within one goal with just two minutes left, their hopes for a late tie were dashed when Team Melli responded with a brilliant strike to give them a 5-3 lead and secure their championship win with seconds left.