GRAND FINAL | Open Indoor Soccer, Monash Games 2015

The Grand Final between The Salty Dawgs, undefeated, and Los Desperados, having won all except for one draw, looked to be a brilliant match-up.

Douglas How Kong Fah of Los Desperados said he was confident when asked following the semi-final victory.

"Hopefully we can [win], we'll see how it goes," he said.

"This team we're playing are very good, but this is our time!"

His team play together regularly at Clayton campus in the Monash competition, with a lot of practice as a team as compared to their opponents.

"We've never really played together before, we're just mates," said Khalid Hassan, of The Salty Dawgs team.

"We've played casually a couple of times, but most of us play in other teams out of Monash".

The Salty Dawgs were the first to score, youngster Nate Giabardo slamming through a goal from just outside the area in the early minutes of the match.

They followed up soon after, with a perfect through-ball past the keeper to set up an easy tap-in for their striker lurking at the far post.

The Salty Dawgs were clean with possession as they had been in previous rounds, biding their time and selectively pressing forward.

Facing a two-goal deficit, Los Desperados began refreshed in the second half, Douglas How Kong Fah putting a ball past the Salty Dawgs defence and finding his teammate who curved it nicely around the 'keeper.

Inside of seven minutes remaining, How Kong Fah received a ball across the face and from mid-air buried it perfectly in the goals, with no chance for the keeper.

The match stepped up to another level with scores now level and just five minutes remaining.

A chop of the legs from How Kong Fah on Salty Dawgs' captain Fabrizio, brother of Nate, resulted in a penalty, which Ben Rigby slotted easily for them as Fabrizio recovered from the hit.

With two minutes left, and Los Desperados pressing for the equaliser, The Salty Dawgs found a break through the defence and slotted one to give them a two-goal buffer.

Two penalties inside the final minute to Rigby again saw them finish the game a comfortable 6-2 victory.

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