Dodgeball, Monash Games 2015

The Uni Battles Unite squad have defeated the Monash AUG Mixed team in the Monash Games dodgeball final.

The five-round contest was fiercely competed, with each team experiencing their share of injuries and sore bodies.

The end of the round robin saw first and second place go to Uni Battles Unite (UBU) and Monash AUG Mixed Netball Team (MAM), respectively.

UBU had come out of the round robin with a 5-0 record, but in the matches (consisting of a best-of-five games format) had only come out 3-2 against MAM, setting up the possibility for a sizzling final.

UBU put on a show of dominance in the semi-final, going on to quickly defeat the European Dodgers 3-0, while MAM defeated the Purple Cobras 3-1.

Sam Keenan, captain of the UBU team spoke to us briefly before the Grand Final.

"I wouldn't say we are confident, but we haven't lost a match yet," he said.

"We thought it would be great to compete for Monash and hopefully we take it out."

With the UBU team recently returning from a championship-winning stint at the Uni Games in May, their confidence as a team was high.

Keenan himself also plays in the Victorian Dodgeball League for the Knoxfield Redbacks, while he says other players in his team compete for Parkville and Bulleen.

The Grand Final didn't disappoint as a brilliant contest between the two best teams of the day.

The first round went to the advantage of MAM, with three players against Keenan, solely by himself. Managing to bridge the deficit to a 1-on-1 contest, the MAM player capitalised on Keenan being briefly off-balance and took out the round for her team.

The same MAM player was left in a 1-on-1 in the second round, but this time her throw was caught by the opposition and the scores were levelled at 1-1.

MAM went on in the third round to show some crowd-pleasing skills - one throw rebounding off the back of a player and then being caught to send the UBU player off the ground.

UBU rallied and came back emphatically to take out the round after being down 4-on-2.

Dominating in the final round, they closed out the championship to finish an exhilarating final.

Get involved in the weekly dodgeball competition at Clayton Campus - see the Monash Sport website for more details.