Day 2 Basketball Updates Monash Games 2015

4 rounds down, 1 to go

We are now well into Round 4 of the Basketball competition here at the Monash Games 2015.

With teams now into their fourth matches for the day, the intensity and fight for the ball is still surprisingly strong. However, as the day has progressed the players legs must be feeling the heat, as more and more players are ending up on the ground and are getting up from the ground just that little bit slower each time.

In the match against the two Monash teams, Lob City and Monash Blues, it was a 3-point shoot off, as both sides showed off their skills at the ring. They are the two tallest teams in the comp and are definitely using their height to their advantage, dunking and scoring from all over the court. This match up was one of the more physical matches of the day and proved to be rather equal in terms of skill level between the two teams.

At this stage of the day, there are quite a few teams that may still be able to make it to the finals. Lob City is staying true to its name, and leading in the 3-pointer tally. However Lobsters United are probably not far behind! Love Shaq's more grounded style of play and speed may help them make it through. Then there is Monash Blues, playing consistently strong and good basketball.

More updates to come during the finals later today!

More images from the competition are on the Monash Sport Facebook Page.