Day 1 Netball Recap

Day 1 Womens Netball Competition 

After 5 rounds of netball matches, 2 semi-finals and the Grand Final, the first day of the Monash Games 2015 has come to an end.

6 teams competed in the Womens Netball competition, with the winners being the Monash AUG Womens team. The teams all had creative team names including very en vogue hashtags and names trying to scare of their opponent, like 'The Dark Side'. But obviously 'Honey' was the flavour of the month, as we had two teams with the word honey in their team name - which did get a bit confusing when they played against each other!

Final Ladder

1 Monash AUG Games
2 Honey Badgers
3 Honey Bears
4 The Dark Side
6 Peninsula

Every team brought a positive attitude, a willingness to put in their all and most importantly to share in a great day of sport with the Monash Sport community. The level of netball played on court today was quite high, and all teams showed that they work together well as a team and thoroughly enjoy playing netball on the Monash courts.

Day 1 also saw the Netball Shootout competition, in order to find the best goaler. A few brave players tried attempted the challenge, seeing how many of the 6 marked out positions they could score a goal from. The winner Wiz managed shoot some impressive goals and win this fun title.

                                                   Netball Shootout Competition Winner 

Overall it was a successful and long day of netball that was a great way to begin the Monash Games for 2015.