Help us spread the word: Monash Sport MS 24 Hour Mega Swim, Spin & Stride

The MS 24 Hour Mega Swim is back on the Monash Sport calendar for 2015, and this year we are making the event bigger and better! We are including a 24 Hour Mega Spin, a spin bike event, and a 24 Hour Mega Stride, a walk/run event around the oval.

Entries are now open for this year’s event!
You can now register online. All three events will be held on 26 - 27 September at the Doug Ellis Swimming Pool & Monash Sport Clayton.

Please ensure if you are registering a team, please place SWIM, SPIN or STRIDE in the team name to indicate the event you wish to participate in.

All types of teams are encouraged; work teams, sporting teams, family teams, swim club teams or even a group of friends. The event is a fantastic team building exercise or off-season training opportunity. Prizes are awarded to teams who achieve the highest points through fundraising, swim time and distance.

To be part of the MS 24 Hour Mega Swim, gather a team of up to 15 swimmers and divide the 24 hours up between you. All participants can swim/spin/stride as many times as they want providing there is a swimmer/rider/strider participating at any one time.

Register online today!

We Need Your Help for 2015! Help us fundraise $20,000 for people with multiple sclerosis!

The average age of diagnosis of MS is only 30 years of age. The disease strikes young Australians in the prime of their lives. We help people with multiple sclerosis to achieve as full and healthy a lifestyle as possible through the provision of services, programs and research.

The MS 24 Hour Mega Swim has been held annually in Canberra, Melbourne and Sydney for the past 10 years. To date the event has raised over $1,000,000! All profits raised from the event go towards helping people living with multiple sclerosis to achieve their dreams. This year our goal is even higher and we need your help to reach it!

Many people ask us how they can help. Simply spreading the word is priceless to MS. Display the enclosed posters at your place of business and encourage others to take the opportunity to join in for 2015.

For more information please visit our new website or call the events team on
9905 8424.

VCE PE Enrichment Program

From Monday 20 July to Friday 24 July, 760 students from 30 different schools travelled to Monash Sport Peninsula to help in the delivery of PE Units 3 and 4.

The Physical Education Enrichment Program is a joint initiative between Monash Sport and the Faculty of Education offering participants the unique opportunity to experience University life while covering relevant course work.

VCE Students were able to apply their understandings of theory through utilising the latest assessments technology available to athletes, including light gates, V02 max testing and GPS athlete tracking equipment. The students then attended a lecture covering important VCE PE topics, allowing an enhanced understanding of the content.

10 students from the Health and PE course at Monash were on site during the program, helping to deliver the content and allowing them practical application of their teaching skills as well as the chance to speak to current PE teachers, offering them an insight into the way schools run their physical education programs.

Melbourne Victory Players at Friday Night Freeze

Melbourne Victory Players at Friday Night Freeze

By Liam Sharp

Monash Sport is pleased to confirm as part of our Friday Night Freeze the inclusion of 2014/15 A-League Champions and Premiers Melbourne Victory!

Fresh off their championship win earlier this year, Melbourne Victory along with three of their key players will be attending Monash Sport's Friday Night Freeze. A Melbourne Victory zone will be set up, where fans can have their photos taken with the players, merchandise signed, and the opportunity to have a chat with Fahid Ben Khalfallah, Kosta Barbarouses and Rashid Mahazi.

Fahid Ben Khalfallah has previously played in the professional football leagues in France, from second and third divisions to Lique 1. He Has played for clubs such as SM Caen, Valenciennes Fc, Bordeaux and Troyes. In September 2014 he signed a one-year contract with Melbourne Victory, and scored five goals and nine assists in his first A-League season. To cap off a successful season, Ben Khalfallah was awarded the Victory Medal (Victory's best player for the season), and finished third in the Johnny Warren Medal. In April this year Melbourne Victory announced they had retained Ben Khalfallah's services for a further two years.

Kosta Barbarouses has been playing with Melbourne Victory since 2013, after periods playing in professional Russian and Greek football leagues. Beforehand he began his career with Wellington Phoenix, as a foundation player for the club, before moving to Brisbane Roar for the 2010-11 season under current Socceroos coach Ange Postecoglou. Barbarouses has had a positive 2014-15 season, scoring six goals and five assists. 

Rashid Mahazi joined Melbourne Victory from Victorian Premier League side Northcote City prior to the 2013/14 A-League season. The 23 year old made 21 appearances in the 2014/15, including as a substitute for the 2015 A-League Grand Final win over Sydney FC. Mahazi has progressed through the Melbourne youth system and proves the A-League is not just for international players, but up and coming young stars.  

Staff Basketball, Monash Games 2015

The best talent Monash Staff had to offer were on show in the Grand Final; Peanut Butter Delly Time facing off against the eDribblers.

With the only other team to win, Not In My Howes, only able to defeat the winless Victorious Secret team, Peanut Butter Delly Time went through to the final undefeated, while the eDribblers had only lost the one game in a preview match against their finalist opponents.

In a rematch of Round 3, when Peanut Butter Delly Time marginally edged out eDribblers, they wasted no time in stamping their claim for the championship.

Shooting out to an early lead, they sunk multiple three-points comfortably to go into half-time with an 11-7 lead.

After losing in previous years to the team made up of staff members from the Monash eSolutions desk, it seemed this year was finally the year the odds would be turned.

As the second half began, Peanut Butter Delly Time put on a show of domination, shooting their way to a 19-7 lead in the space of three minutes.

eDribblers went on to be held scoreless in the second half, with the game finishing 22-7 to the advantage of the mighty Peanut Butter Delly Team.


eDribblers def Victorious Secret 12-5
Peanut Butter Delly Time def Not In My Howes 15-10

eDribblers def Not In My Howes 15-5
Peanut Butter Delly Time def Victorious Secret 15-9

Peanut Butter Delly Time def eDribblers 12-8
Not In My Howes def Victorious Secret 16-14

Peanut Butter Delly Time def eDribblers 22-7

See the Monash Sport website for more details on how you can be involved in the Monash basketball competition.

Supporting Ronald McDonald Charity at the Monash Games 2015

Donating their time to the Monash Games and donating funds to charity 

Asides from playing for the ultimate glory to be crowned champions of the Monash Games competition, the players' participation and efforts today and throughout the week are contributing to the chosen charity for the games.

This year for the 2015 Monash Games, Monash Sport and TeamMONASH are supporting the Ronald McDonald House charity.

There is Ronald McDonald centre at the Monash Medical Centre, so it is not only the geographical proximity that is important to Monash Sport, but making close networks with the charity to support the wonderful work that they do has been a big part of their involvement in the games this year.

The Ronald McDonald House charity provides services to seriously ill children and their families with 100% of the donations and funds they receive going to the children and families they support.

All of the teams that have registered and participated in the Monash Games competition will automatically have 10% of their registration fee go to the Ronald McDonald House charity. The teams also can contribute further funds through their own personal fundraising.

It is fantastic to see so many teams participate in the 3-day competition, playing over 15 hours of sport this week with 5 different sports including netball, basketball, volleyball, dodgeball and indoor soccer.

Cherie Shaw, Community Development Manager from Ronald McDonald House came and visited the Monash Games on Thursday to see what was happening on the courts and to show her appreciation for the work Monash Sport is doing.

If you would like to donate to the Ronald McDonald House charity please visit the link:

Staff Mixed Netball Monash Games 2015

Staff Mixed Netball

Our afternoon of mixed netball is under way in the Stadium!

The tournament started with a fiery start, with more falls and skids than we would have liked to have seen. There were a few minor injuries later on in the day, that hopefully the players can recover from quickly.

The mixed netball lineup was bound to be entertaining and did not let us down in that regards, as teams threw themselves around the court. However, it was the cheer-squad for team 766.324 that stole the show at the Stadium. They were in full voice to get the competition started from the very opening round. If you are wondering what this intriguing team name refers to, it is the dewey decimal number for the word 'netball' - good piece of trivia information.

The umpires had their work cut out for them today, needing to carefully explain the rules. However, some of the players took their advice a bit too literally. The GD from SERVICES measured out with his own feet 3 neat steps from the GA before putting up his arms to defend.

eSolution-dotnetters lost a player early in their Round 3 match, his glasses flying off his face and breaking on contact with the court.

Overall though, all of the players enjoyed having a bit of fun and exercise with their team mates and playing sports that they normally do not have the time to play.

Chants from the Libry cheer-squad

"We love you library, we do"
"Glory, glory to the library"
"Que sera sera, whatever will be, will be we are from the library"
"There's only one library, walking along, singing along, walking in a library wonderland"
"We will shoot 500 goals and we will stop 500 more"

Grand Final

eSolutions-dotnetters vs. Psyched 

The first half saw a strong start by eSolutions-dotnetters. Their GS proved to be extremely reliable in the ring, helping them to get out to a decent lead early on.

The males in the team seemed to have springs in their legs, in particular the C and GA leaping to intercept and keep the ball alive.

Halftime score eSolutions-dotnetters lead 9 to Psyched 2

Psyched got the first goal of the second half, hoping to close the gap early on.

Though during the game it was clear that some of the players come from basketball backgrounds, with distinctive basketball shooting styles and good reading of the ball in the mid-court, causing some turnovers. eSolutions-dotnetters showed their skills in moving the ball down the court quickly and this help them to victory.

Final score eSolutions-dotnetters 12 defeated Psyched 5

Staff Volleyball Monash Games 2015

Day 3 Monash Games Staff  Challenge Competition 

With some music pumping in the Stadium, the atmosphere is filled with a great energy that really encapsulates the nature of the Staff Challenge day at the Monash Games. All the teams are enjoying getting out on the courts and sitting on the sidelines it is great to see such enthusiastic teamwork, players patting each other on the backs, and of course their inner competitive nature.


The 5 rounds of the volleyball tournament have gone by exceedingly quickly. We had 2 courts of matches playing simultaneously here in the Stadium and one practice court that all teams made good use of during their BYE match in each round.

The matches have been of a really good quality, with a handful of strong, well timed spikes, sweeping serves and some serves that only just dribbled over the net.

For some of the servers one court was not enough, as many serves drifted over to the middle practice court - and interesting tactic and potentially an easy point if it counted.

The Stadium has also been filled with frantic scrambling to keep the ball alive, loud calls to leave the ball when it look to be going out of court and importantly audible clapping and words of encouragement on the court.

Foot faults were catching the players out in some of the earlier round as the umpires were not letting any go undetected.

The best team name definitely goes to Tequila Blocking Nerd. The players explained the reasoning of the name.

"Tequila because 'to kill a', blocking because we are playing volleyball, and nerd because we are all from the IT department"

Tequila Blocking Nerd came a respectable 5th in today's competition and had put together their team  solely for the Monash Games. A couple of the players play volleyball externally to Monash, but most do not play volleyball regularly.

Although all the teams are here to have fun, the was definitely strong competition buzzing around the Stadium. An unknown team were using their BYE match not to practice but to check out the competition.

"I'm going to go watch our opposition and see what they are doing"

Grand Final

Persian Gulf vs. eSol and One

Quick reflexes marked the beginning of the volleyball final, both teams showing their good net skills from very early on.

eSol and One said they were "hopeful" for their chances in the final, especially given they had just beaten Persian Gulf in an earlier round. With a couple of team members having played in the Monash Games for the past 5 years, no signs of nerves were showing.

Final score eSol and One 31 defeated Persian Gulf 22

3rd playoff

TLTNTB vs. Hotshots

Final score Hotshots 31 defeated TLTNTB 16

Staff Indoor Soccer, Monash Games 2015


The opening round of the staff challenge saw the Golden Oldies overcome ADB in an impressive battle of skill between the two teams. Other matches were also close, with the Pensioners, Re-boot also claiming their first wins of the day. A thrilling close to a match between TGI Friday and Kickit in the local eSolutions derby, saw TGI Friday claim a goal with just three seconds to go, bringing the scores level.

Golden oldies 3 def ADB 2
eSol Pensioners 1 def Forrest United 0
eSolutions Re-boot 2 def Nerds FC 0
eSolutions - TGI Friday 1 drew with eSolutions Kickit


The make-or-break round for many, the Pensioners and TGI Fridays strolled into Round 3 with undefeated records. Meanwhile, Kickit, Golden Oldies and ADB remained on one win each, making their third round match all important in their chances to reach finals.

ADB 1 def Forrest United 0
eSol Pensioners 2 def eSolutions Re-Boot 1
eSolutions - TGI Friday 3 def Golden oldies 2
eSolutions Kickit 3 def Nerds FC 2


The semi-finals will see ADB face off against TGI Fridays, while Kickit play Golden Oldies.

ADB 2 def eSolutions Re-Boot 0
eSolutions Kickit 1 def eSol Pensioners 0
Golden oldies 5 def Forrest United 1
eSolutions - TGI Friday 5 def Nerds FC 1


ADB claimed two early goals to make it difficult for TGI Fridays. With the two-goal deficit still remaining on 4 minutes left in the second half, TGI Fridays stepped up their intensity and slotted two goals in a minute - one thanks to a handy error from the ADB 'keeper resulting in an own goal.

The defence of both teams held up strongly in the final minutes of the match, and the game was sent into a penalty shoot-out.

Neither team had trouble with the penalties until the fourth round, with both keepers impressively putting a stop to the shots by the opposition.

ADB player James Van Der Wolde lined up in the fifth and had his shot stopped by the keeper, and with the opposition not missing their following two penalties, they launched themselves into the Grand Final.

TGI Fridays will meet Golden Oldies in the Grand Final, who progressed in penalty shoot-outs as well against the eSolutions Kickit team.


In the eagerly-awaited, all-star Grand Final of the staff indoor soccer championship, the Golden Oldies faced up against the TGI Fridays team representing the eSolutions desk.

An early opportunity to TGI Fridays was missed when a neat lob over the head of the Golden Oldies' defence hit the head of their striker, but it drifted above the crossbar.

In an end-to-end match, neither team could gain ascendency over their opponents, both teams struggling to maintain possession and find structure pressing forward.

The second half went underway with the scoreboard still untouched, a big strike from the Golden Oldies' defender on the half-way line missing well above goals.

Soon after, TGI returned fire with a similarly powerful strike from outside the area, this time rocketing wide of the target.

Opportunities were missed by both teams, with defence holding up sturdily.

A break through defence saw a chance for TGI but the 'keeper stood up well.

The final buzzer rang out with both teams still scoreless, and the match proceeded into penalty shoot-out.

Scores were locked at 4-4 in the penalty, when Golden Oldies sent a shot into the keeper, and lost them the game with TGI Fridays stepping up to kick the final goal and win them the championship.

Get involved in the weekly indoor soccer competition at Monash - see the Monash Sport website for more details.

GRAND FINAL | Open Indoor Soccer, Monash Games 2015

The Grand Final between The Salty Dawgs, undefeated, and Los Desperados, having won all except for one draw, looked to be a brilliant match-up.

Douglas How Kong Fah of Los Desperados said he was confident when asked following the semi-final victory.

"Hopefully we can [win], we'll see how it goes," he said.

"This team we're playing are very good, but this is our time!"

His team play together regularly at Clayton campus in the Monash competition, with a lot of practice as a team as compared to their opponents.

"We've never really played together before, we're just mates," said Khalid Hassan, of The Salty Dawgs team.

"We've played casually a couple of times, but most of us play in other teams out of Monash".

The Salty Dawgs were the first to score, youngster Nate Giabardo slamming through a goal from just outside the area in the early minutes of the match.

They followed up soon after, with a perfect through-ball past the keeper to set up an easy tap-in for their striker lurking at the far post.

The Salty Dawgs were clean with possession as they had been in previous rounds, biding their time and selectively pressing forward.

Facing a two-goal deficit, Los Desperados began refreshed in the second half, Douglas How Kong Fah putting a ball past the Salty Dawgs defence and finding his teammate who curved it nicely around the 'keeper.

Inside of seven minutes remaining, How Kong Fah received a ball across the face and from mid-air buried it perfectly in the goals, with no chance for the keeper.

The match stepped up to another level with scores now level and just five minutes remaining.

A chop of the legs from How Kong Fah on Salty Dawgs' captain Fabrizio, brother of Nate, resulted in a penalty, which Ben Rigby slotted easily for them as Fabrizio recovered from the hit.

With two minutes left, and Los Desperados pressing for the equaliser, The Salty Dawgs found a break through the defence and slotted one to give them a two-goal buffer.

Two penalties inside the final minute to Rigby again saw them finish the game a comfortable 6-2 victory.

Get involved in the weekly indoor soccer competition at Monash - see the Monash Sport website for more details.

Basketball Finals Wrap Monash Games 2015

Semi-Final 1 

Monash Blues vs. Lobsters United

The first semi-final started off with all the tricks and skills being displayed from the onset. Monash Blues scored first with a 3 pointer. This strong start though was matched immediately by the Lobsters United, with another impressive 3 pointer. But Monash Blues had the answers quickly replied within another minute with the third score of the match, and the third 3 pointer.

Monash Blues lead at half-time 22 - 3.

Final score Monash Blues 31 defeated Lobsters United 18

3 point tally

Monash Blues 5

Lobsters United 1

Semi-Final 2 

Lob City vs. Love Shaq 

Final score Lob City 33 defeated Love Shaq 13 


Monash Blues vs. Lob City

Monash Blues started the match with an easy 3 pointer, a statement that they were here and ready for the competition. Lob City could not equal their fiery start, scoring their first points at the halfway mark of the first half.

The players being all from the Monash team evidently knew each other's style of play, which made it tough for cheap points. Both teams had very reliable defence, which added to the tough match.

In the last minutes of the first half, a quick snatch from Lob City sent a wave of "oooos" through the crowd, but only to be given straight back to the opponent, giving up that slight advantage.

Monash Blues lead over Lob City at half-time 12 - 10.

Lob City opened the second half with a clean 3 pointer, an quick attempt to close the score gap. Despite their great agility and skills, Lob City were not able to do so. Monash Blues got 3 quick consecutive goals, extending their lead in the second half. 3 could have been the magic number too for Lob City, but they were unable to convert their 3 chances for goals with only 90 seconds left on the clock.

Monash Blues managed to keep their impressive lead and win the final.

Final score Monash Blues 23 defeated Lob City 15.

3 point tally

Monash Blues 3

Lob City 2

The afternoon got even more exciting with the dunking and 3-point shootout competition.
The participants tried to impress the judges with some creative setups and even tried to get the crowd on their side. Alex was the winner of the dunking competition - actually getting it in the ring, which always helps.

The 3-point shootout showed the great deal of practice that the players must do to effortlessly score their shots from outside the 3-point ring. Chev took out the title for this competition.

And that wraps up a great end to Day 2 of the Monash Games 2015. It's been a full day of Basketball, dunking contests and 3-point shootouts. Well done again to all the teams who entered and participated in the competition.

Semi-Finals | Open Indoor Soccer, Monash Games 2015

After a fiery match in Round 2 that resulted in a draw, the battle between Los Desperados and Alliance FC was set to be another top-tier competition.

Los Desperados opened the scoring with a long-range strike inside the first minute by captain Douglas How Kong Fah.

Both teams play regularly for their respective campuses - Los Desperados considered the best team at Clayton while Alliance FC are said to be the best of Caulfield, making the rivalry even more intense.

A dink over the head of an Alliance defender on 4 minutes found the head of a Los Desperados striker, slotting it to give them a 2-0 early lead.

Winning themselves a corner soon after, a centring ball from Los Desperados' How Kong Fah deflected off the keeper and into the goals to increase their lead further.

Alliance FC raked their way back to a 2-3 deficit with five minutes to go, but How Kong Fah claimed his hat-trick with just three minutes left and put it beyond doubt.

A rough tackle on him soon after as he broke past the Alliance defence in the final minute resulted in a free kick just outside the area, a quick pass onto his teammate allowing them to take the game out with a 5-2 lead and propelling them into the finals.

Los Desperados will face The Salty Dawgs in the Grand Final, who had a comfortable win over Amigos de Shabs.

No team, no worries

High Flyers 

A week ago the team High Flyers did not exist. A week later, they have a solid chance of making the finals for the Open Basketball here at Monash Games 2015.

Just a few minutes before their first match of the day, the players met each other in person for the first time, only having communicated on Facebook previously.

Aman took the initiative to get a team together for the competition, and he luckily found some interested people through the Monash Uni Social Sport Facebook page. He sent out a post in the group, tagging people who had shown interest and suggested to make a new team. In his post Aman also expressed that he "never has the time to play" so was encouraging anyone to "please join if you guys are interested".

The High Flyers had a tough start to the day, having to play their Round 1 and Round 2 match back to back. Their Round 1 match was against Monash Blues. Despite losing the match 20 - 18, the tight scrolling reflects their good skills. The High Flyers scored the opening points of the match and even managed to get 2 3-pointer shots. Their second match was against the Monash Ballers and the final scoreline was also relatively close, only losing 17 - 12.

What is even more impressing about this ad-hoc team is the wonderful diversity of the players. Aman originally comes from India, and has been in Australia for exactly 1 year as of today. Francisco, their tallest player and strong rebounder is from Mexico, but will be leaving Australia soon. Raiyan only arrived from Bangladesh 19 days ago and will probably have a few bruises tomorrow! This is a real testament to these players willingness to have a go and they encompass what it means to play a team sport like Basketball.

But they are not here to just have fun. Aman has high expectations of his team, checking the ladder ad results page to check out and analyse the other teams. Aman was confident in his team's chances to have a successful competition.

"We are going to be in the semis for sure."

Round 3 saw the pressure mount a bit more for the High Flyers, being down 24 - 18. With the final minute ticking down, Aman frantically coached from the sideline, telling the team to "Push! Push!"
Aman was one of the more vocal players for the day, constantly cheering on his team from the sidelines.

Unfortunately they did not make it to the semis, but the team played some great matches and made new friendships with each other too.
Hopefully we will see the High Flyers again at next year's competition.

Day 2 Basketball Updates Monash Games 2015

4 rounds down, 1 to go

We are now well into Round 4 of the Basketball competition here at the Monash Games 2015.

With teams now into their fourth matches for the day, the intensity and fight for the ball is still surprisingly strong. However, as the day has progressed the players legs must be feeling the heat, as more and more players are ending up on the ground and are getting up from the ground just that little bit slower each time.

In the match against the two Monash teams, Lob City and Monash Blues, it was a 3-point shoot off, as both sides showed off their skills at the ring. They are the two tallest teams in the comp and are definitely using their height to their advantage, dunking and scoring from all over the court. This match up was one of the more physical matches of the day and proved to be rather equal in terms of skill level between the two teams.

At this stage of the day, there are quite a few teams that may still be able to make it to the finals. Lob City is staying true to its name, and leading in the 3-pointer tally. However Lobsters United are probably not far behind! Love Shaq's more grounded style of play and speed may help them make it through. Then there is Monash Blues, playing consistently strong and good basketball.

More updates to come during the finals later today!

More images from the competition are on the Monash Sport Facebook Page.

Round Recaps | Open Indoor Soccer, Monash Games 2015

Round 1

The opening round of the Indoor Soccer competition has seen a number of teams emerge as early favourites.

Alliance FC, donning custom uniforms and having played together regularly, were all business, with a clinical defeat of a skilled Poseidon FC.

Los Desperados also stamped themselves as serious championship challengers, with a 5-3 victory over Amigos de Shabs.

Blitz, made up of three players from yesterday's winning mixed indoor soccer team, also claimed a 6-3 domination over Dingley Rep.

In the final game of the round, The Salty Dawgs walked their way to a 7-1 belting of Brothers.

With two rounds to come, we are in for an exciting day of highly-skilled and highly-competitive matches.

Alliance FC 4 def Poseidon FC 3
Los Desperados 5 def Amigos de Shabs 3
Flying Germans 5 def Bhavbarians 3
Blitz 6 def Dingley Rep 3
The Salty Dawgs 7 def Brothers 0

Round 2

Alliance FC v Los Desperados shaped up to be the match of the round with impressive first round performances, and it did not disappoint.

With Los Desperados taking an early two-goal lead inside two minutes, the intensity of both teams went to a finals-like intensity.

Both teams went goalless as the defence of Los Desperados held the skills of Alliance at bay, but with 8 minutes remaining, Alliance closed the deficit to 1-2.

Los Desperados reacted quickly, firing a through-ball to their striker who slotted a ball into an unmanned goals. Alliance bought it back within a goal after a neat dink into the top-right corner of goals, and then seconds later levelled the scores with just 3 minutes left in the match.

Being awarded a free kick in the final minute, a desperate Los Desperados defence blocked the strike,  both teams unable to break through defence and the fierce match closed out in a draw.

In other matches, Amigos de Shabs found their rhythm after their Round 1 defeat to cruise their way to a 11-1 thrashing of Flying Germans.

The Salty Dawgs also continued to impressed with a 4-1 defeat of Poseidon FC, including a brilliant lob over a defender followed by a mid-air rocket past the keeper in the final moments of the match.

With just one round to go, only Blitz and The Salty Dawgs stand with two wins, while Alliance and Los Desperados are close behind with one win and a draw.

Alliance FC 3 drew with Los Desperados 3
Amigos de Shabs 11 def Flying Germans 1
Bhavabrians 2 drew with Dingley Rep 2
The Salty Dawgs 4 def Poseidon FC 1
Blitz 4 def Brothers 1

Stay tuned for more updates throughout the day.

More images from the competition are on the Monash Sport Facebook Page.

Womens Netball Final Recap

                               Monash AUG Womens Team Wins Womens Netball Final 

The Monash AUG Womens Team have won the Womens Netball in the Monash Games 2015.
After playing a full days worth of netball encompassing 5 rounds plus the final and even having some team members playing in the Dodgeball competition and umpiring, they played a great game enabling them to win.

                                          Womens Netball Winners - Monash AUG Womens 

The Monash AUG Womens team played against the Honey Badgers in the Womens Netball Final. Both teams had a record of high scores in their previous matches, with the Monash AUG Womens teams getting the overall highest score of 45 during the rounds and even the second overall highest score of 44. The goalers rarely missed from any position within the goal circle.

The two teams had pretty similar skill sets, with tall GKs, good movement down the court and both being able to quickly turnover the ball in the mid-court. The final was fast-paced and remained at a high-intensity throughout and both teams showed great sportsmanship. Monash AUG Womens scored the first goal of the match, which set them off to a strong start that was expected of them. Although the teams both showed great physical skills, it was evident that the Monash AUG Womens team had solid and well trained systems that enabled them to quickly turn their defence into offence and move the ball quickly and effectively down the court. The GS had a great game too, only missing one of her shots for the entire match.

After Round 1, both teams established themselves early as the two top teams to beat, with strong performances and very consistent goalers. They played each other in Round 2, with the Monash AUG Womens team defeating the Honey Badgers 24 - 9 - obviously a lucky number for the winners!

However, in the final the Monash AUG Womens team got out to an early lead, up at half-time 11 - 3 and were able to comfortably maintain this lead in the second half to win 24 - 9.

                                           Womens Netball Runners Up - Honey Badgers 

Day 1 Netball Recap

Day 1 Womens Netball Competition 

After 5 rounds of netball matches, 2 semi-finals and the Grand Final, the first day of the Monash Games 2015 has come to an end.

6 teams competed in the Womens Netball competition, with the winners being the Monash AUG Womens team. The teams all had creative team names including very en vogue hashtags and names trying to scare of their opponent, like 'The Dark Side'. But obviously 'Honey' was the flavour of the month, as we had two teams with the word honey in their team name - which did get a bit confusing when they played against each other!

Final Ladder

1 Monash AUG Games
2 Honey Badgers
3 Honey Bears
4 The Dark Side
6 Peninsula

Every team brought a positive attitude, a willingness to put in their all and most importantly to share in a great day of sport with the Monash Sport community. The level of netball played on court today was quite high, and all teams showed that they work together well as a team and thoroughly enjoy playing netball on the Monash courts.

Day 1 also saw the Netball Shootout competition, in order to find the best goaler. A few brave players tried attempted the challenge, seeing how many of the 6 marked out positions they could score a goal from. The winner Wiz managed shoot some impressive goals and win this fun title.

                                                   Netball Shootout Competition Winner 

Overall it was a successful and long day of netball that was a great way to begin the Monash Games for 2015.

Dodgeball, Monash Games 2015

The Uni Battles Unite squad have defeated the Monash AUG Mixed team in the Monash Games dodgeball final.

The five-round contest was fiercely competed, with each team experiencing their share of injuries and sore bodies.

The end of the round robin saw first and second place go to Uni Battles Unite (UBU) and Monash AUG Mixed Netball Team (MAM), respectively.

UBU had come out of the round robin with a 5-0 record, but in the matches (consisting of a best-of-five games format) had only come out 3-2 against MAM, setting up the possibility for a sizzling final.

UBU put on a show of dominance in the semi-final, going on to quickly defeat the European Dodgers 3-0, while MAM defeated the Purple Cobras 3-1.

Sam Keenan, captain of the UBU team spoke to us briefly before the Grand Final.

"I wouldn't say we are confident, but we haven't lost a match yet," he said.

"We thought it would be great to compete for Monash and hopefully we take it out."

With the UBU team recently returning from a championship-winning stint at the Uni Games in May, their confidence as a team was high.

Keenan himself also plays in the Victorian Dodgeball League for the Knoxfield Redbacks, while he says other players in his team compete for Parkville and Bulleen.

The Grand Final didn't disappoint as a brilliant contest between the two best teams of the day.

The first round went to the advantage of MAM, with three players against Keenan, solely by himself. Managing to bridge the deficit to a 1-on-1 contest, the MAM player capitalised on Keenan being briefly off-balance and took out the round for her team.

The same MAM player was left in a 1-on-1 in the second round, but this time her throw was caught by the opposition and the scores were levelled at 1-1.

MAM went on in the third round to show some crowd-pleasing skills - one throw rebounding off the back of a player and then being caught to send the UBU player off the ground.

UBU rallied and came back emphatically to take out the round after being down 4-on-2.

Dominating in the final round, they closed out the championship to finish an exhilarating final.

Get involved in the weekly dodgeball competition at Clayton Campus - see the Monash Sport website for more details.

Mixed Indoor Soccer, Monash Games 2015

A surprise victory has seen Team Melli take out the championship for this year's Mixed Indoor Soccer competition.

Three teams competed at this year’s event at the Monash Games. 

In the opening match, eSolutions Lightwood United (ELU) made it clear they were the team to beat, taking a swift 3-0 lead in the opening half against Team Melli. A late comeback from the underdogs closed the deficit, but it wasn’t enough to overcome ELU with Reuben Solopotias closing out an impressive performance with four goals.

With a number of staff members from the eSolutions desk at Monash, and the addition of a son-daughter-father trio, their confidence was high with each player prepared to take on their opponent in 1-on-1 battles. The team play weekly at Clayton campus between themselves and other staff, and being the only team with multiple substitutes available seemed to be well-prepared for the competition.

The second round saw ELU continue their form against the Peninsula team, finishing with an emphatic 5-3 win, and propelling them into the Grand Final.

With Peninsula and Team Melli facing off in Round 3 for a position in the Grand Final, Team Mello impressed their intent early with a plethora of goals, and closed out the game with a 11-4 belting.

As their name suggests, Peninsula all live together on the Monash Peninsula campus, and often play at Clayton campus. Unfortunately knocked out early, they will hopefully be returning next year for another crack at the title.

The Grand Final saw ELU come in as favourites after defeating Team Melli in the opening round, and with their opponents not scheduled with a break before the final, all odds seemed to be with them.

But despite these factors, Team Melli took an early lead by surprise and looked coherent pressing forward with solid team structures as compared to the single-player efforts of ELU.

With Solopotias bringing the match within one goal with just two minutes left, their hopes for a late tie were dashed when Team Melli responded with a brilliant strike to give them a 5-3 lead and secure their championship win with seconds left.

Womens Netball Round 1 Recap

Round 1 Womens Netball Monash Games 2015

The sounds of whistles, buzzers and screeching rubber on the courts definitely signal the beginning of the Womens Netball competition here at the Monash Games 2015.

The morning of netball for Round 1 has been a great start to what will be a highly competitive day of Womens Netball.

Honey Badgers have started off the competition very strongly, getting the highest score for Round 1 (37 - 4). The team showcased fast and swift movement down the court, rounded off by sweeping lobs into the goal circle. The shooters were extremely accurate, hardly missing a goal. 

Monash AUG Womens also asserted their strength in this competition, winning comfortably over the Honey Bears 25 – 2. The team’s noticeable attribute seems to be its very tight defence all over the court and especially in the goal circle. After this initial win, the Monash AUG Womens team were very confident in their chances of success, already claiming that they are “going to win”.  They also did not seem too concerned by any of the other teams, confident in their skills on court.

The next round will see the Honey Badgers and Monash AUG Womens first match against each other. Definitely a match to keep an eye out for!

                                           Honey Bears vs. Monash AUG Womens (25 - 2) 

Update of Recreation Hall Works

Due to some unforeseen issues with the concrete slab below the Recreation Hall floor, works on the new Recreation Hall floor have extended by three weeks.

The image shows some good progress being made to the sub flooring, priming the area to lay, and cure the new flooring layers.

The works are now expected to be completed on Tuesday 18 August. Any affected customer groups will be contacted by Monash Sport.

Workout together with our new Semester Two Group Fitness Timetable!

There are new additions and old favourites in the Semester Two Group Fitness Timetable.

Cycling, Zumba, Body Pump and Yoga are only a few of the numerous group fitness classes on offer in semester two. It's a great chance to exercise with friends, or try something new with other beginners.

A new addition to the group fitness classes include Tabata, high intensity interval training with the use of fitness equipment or bodyweight exercises. This class is run at Monash Sport Peninsula, and giving it a try is encouraged. Tabata will improve your aerobic and anaroebic capacity, muscular endurance, and fat burning post training.

Our new group fitness timetables can be found here.

Monash Blues play 1000th Senior Game

On Saturday 20 June 2015, the Monash Blues senior team took to the field for the 1000th time in the VAFA. Fittingly, the game was against Old Haileyburians, our opponents in the grand final in our debut season, 1962.

A luncheon was held during the reserves game and was attended by 100 past players (including some from the inaugural season), supporters and sponsors. While many stories of past glory were told, it is not believed that any of them involved any level of embellishment (despite some suspicion, no claim of exaggeration could be conclusively proven on the day).

The major pre-luncheon activity was past players attempting to locate their name on the banner listing the 3060 players who have pulled on the Turquoise and Silver Monash jumper since 1962. The generation gap was apparent post game with the current playing group preferring to take "selfies" in front of the banner.

Club President Julian Smith's speech paid tribute to Doug Ellis, Keith Frearson (and their modern day equivalents) for creating and maintaining a Club culture that is inclusive of players from a broad range of backgrounds and abilities.

The Club statistician prepared for the day by preparing a combined list of B&F votes across the history of the Club. With three of the top five Monash Players (George Smyth, Andrew McGregor, Andrew Hickey, Jamie Sturgess and Greg Hipwell) also having won a league medal, VAFA umpires can maintain confidence in their ability to award B&F votes.

Given the tendency of modern players to be more likely to play beyond their years as a student, a list of the average number of votes per game was developed to enable a comparison of players across the years.

Two time Club B&F winner Sam McGee was the leader with an impressive average of 8.6 votes per game (just under half the 18 vote maximum able to be awarded to a single player). Peter Robinson was found to be the supreme player from the 60s, with Ant Quin and Jamie Sturgess being stars of the 80s.

Following the function, the assembly moved to the hill adjacent to the Frearson Oval, to watch the milestone Senior game.

An even first quarter had some Monash supporters concerned that Haileybury could be about to spoil the post game celebrations (and avenge their loss in the 1962 E-grade grand final).

Thankfully Paul Groves' quarter time address inspired the Monash backline (led by Joe Cosgriff at centre half back) who got on top and provide a basis for Nick Petering, Damien Hatch and Sam Le Lievre to claim the glory up forward and see the Ashes record a strong 91 point win over a fellow finals contender.

Monash seniors are second on the Premier C ladder in the VAFA, and if they can maintain their momentum are well placed to play finals for the third consecutive year.   Additionally, the Club's Reserves, Thirds and Under 19s are all currently in the top 4 teams and enjoying fantastic seasons.

Works Notice

Please note that the pedestrian crossing out the front of the main entrance to Monash Sport will be undergoing improvement works.

Due to this the front entrance doorway to the Monash Sport building will be closed to ALL pedestrian traffic from Friday 10 to Monday 13 July.

Access to the sport building during this 4 day period will be available either via the Doug Ellis Pool entrance and breezeway - or via the alternate external pathway behind the physiotherapy rooms to the side doors adjacent to the Group Exercise Studio.

There will be directional signage erected during this period to advice members and customers of available entry points.