Winter Exercise Tips

With the colder weather rapidly closing in on us, its safe to say winter is coming. When it's freezing outside, possibly raining, and dark it can be difficult to stay committed to your fitness goals.

The temptation to stay in bed on cold mornings, or snuggle up on the couch with some comfort food at night can be a pretty strong one. However just because it's freezing doesn't mean you should stop exercising regularly. In fact there are a lot of benefits to exercising, especially in the winter months. Regular exercise aside from controlling weight and combatting health problems has been shown to:
  • improve mood
  • boost energy
  • promote better sleep
  • alleviate stress and anxiety
  • strengthen your immune system 
  • increase the brain function and memory
If that's not enough incentive to get you active this winter here are some handy tips to make staying active easier in the colder weather.

1. Exercise Indoors. If the freezing weather outside is your biggest excuse for not staying active through winter then it might be time to consider taking your work out indoors. Exercising in the fitness centre or pool still keeps you active while having the added benefit of temperature control.

2. Go Straight From Work. Getting back out of the house once you get home can be hard so going straight to the fitness centre on your way to or home from work increases the chances you'll still get your workout in. Pack a bag the night before so you don't have any excuses the next day.

3. Set Goals. Big goals, little goals. It doesn't matter. Maybe you want to lose some weight, or run the Malbourne Marathon, perhaps you want to increase your bench press by the end of the season. Setting goals gives you something tangible to work towards meaning you'll be much more motivated to get your work out in.

4. Get Involved in a Winter Sport. Skiing and snowboarding are a great way to stay active through winter. You won't notice the cold when you're carving up the slopes. Check out Monash University Snowsports Club (MUSC) on facebook here to get involved.

5. Join a Team. With Uni Games and Monash Games coming up, and Social Sports Competitions in Soccer, Basketball and Netball you can join, getting involved in a team can be a great way to reignite your motivation. Participating in a regular activity that you've paid for and have team mates counting on you to play in is a great way to stay active in winter. You can find more information about getting involved in social sport activities here.

6. Dress to Impress. Layers are your best option this winter. Whether you're exercising outside or indoors, or even making your way from you car or train in the morning to the office. The right layers will trap warm air close to your body while letting moisture escape.