Stress Less During Exams

Some stress during exams is inevitable. For some people it can be a motivator to work harder and for others it can be nearly debilitating.

People experience and respond to stress in different ways but there are ways to cope with and minimise stress experienced during exam periods.

Before exams:
  • Make sure you get enough sleep - 7-9 hours is the recommended amount each night and is necessary to recharge.
  • Eat heathy food - this will help with your energy levels and maintaining concentration
  • Exercise regularly - exams may seem like the perfect time to suspend your gym membership, you want to dedicate all your time to studying, regular exercise however can not only boost concentration levels but also help to reduce stress
  • Plan out your study and make sure you schedule in regular breaks. Only a certain amount of information can be absorbed at a time. Concentration levels begin to dwindle after a while so studying for an hour and taking a break can often be more effective than studying for 4 hours straight.
  • Try not to cram. There is only so much information your brain can handle in a short period of time. Not only are you likely to be exhausted but you'll find it harder to recall the information. Try to pace yourself.
During exams:
  • Make sure you have all the materials you need with you
  • Carefully read each question and begin to plan during the reading time
  • Answer the easiest questions first