Learn to swim for FREE with Monash Sport

Water Wise Program Creates A Splash

swimmingHave you always wanted to swim? Do you look at the pool or the ocean and dream of splashing about in its depths without fear? Then Water Wise is for you. 

Water Wise is a learn to swim program that was launched at the beginning of this year by Monash Sport. Fully funded by the Student Services and Amenities Fee, it offers all current Monash students the opportunity to learn how to swim at no cost.

With 266 people drowning last year alone in Australia, the Water Wise initiative was designed to increase the Water Safety and swimming ability of students. Monash recognised that whilst many students may have been brought up learning how to swim, others may have come from remote areas without access to swimming facilities or programs.

water womenThe Water Wise program is designed to teach any current student who would like to participate, how to swim at a beginner level. We believe that by increasing the number of students who know how to swim, we can help reduce the incidence of drowning.

Since it's launch date in January more than 450 students have signed up to this valuable program with numbers growing every week.

More information on this program can be found here.