Australian Sports for the Let's Chat Program

Monash Sport recently helped run Australian Sport sessions for the final semester session of the Conversational English Program - Let's Chat on the Clayton and Caulfield campuses.
Participants spent 45 minutes going through AFL and cricket activities with students, teaching them rules, techniques and how to play the games. For the majority of these students it was their first time trying these sports. All students got involved and thoroughly enjoyed themselves with many excited that they could now share what they knew with their friends.
The night concluded with participants getting to enjoy an Australian BBQ - catered by Sir John's Bar. Most students had never experienced an Australian BBQ and there was some confusion over what certain foods were (and whether lamingtons were meant to top a salad).
Fantastic feedback was received from students.
  • Two Iranian PhD engineering students said Let's Chat was the only hour each week when they spoke English and met people
  • A Cantonese commerce student said that in the first year of being at Monash she learnt to speak Mandarin but hardly used her English but after having joined Let's Chat finally feels she has made a step forward with her English
  • A female undergraduate student mentioned that she now feels confident that she can actually talk to her Australian classmates and choose the right words for most occassions.
  • A postgraduate Business student confessed that he'd been attending classes at both Clayton and Caulfield every week (despite it being against the rules) as he found the classes so invaluable.
  • A second year science student from Malaysia said that she had previously paid for private English lessons and also attended an external course but found the Let's Chat program more valuable and that she learnt more.

Overall, the program received a lot of positive responses, all students were excited to come back in the second semester and to bring friends with them. Monash Sport is thrilled to have been a part of such a useful program.