Farewell to Michael Ludekens

After nine years of tireless work for Monash Sport in Caulfield, Michael Ludekens will be moving on to greener pastures as the new Customer Relations Manager at Clayton Campus Facilities and Services Division.

Michael's contribution to the growth and profressionalism at Caulfield has been immeasurable and his presence will be sorely missed. The countless relationships he has fostered during his time with us across the many areas of the university will certainly assist him in his new role.

The entire team at Monash Sport wishes Michael all the best for his future endeavours.

Stress Less During Exams

Some stress during exams is inevitable. For some people it can be a motivator to work harder and for others it can be nearly debilitating.

People experience and respond to stress in different ways but there are ways to cope with and minimise stress experienced during exam periods.

Before exams:
  • Make sure you get enough sleep - 7-9 hours is the recommended amount each night and is necessary to recharge.
  • Eat heathy food - this will help with your energy levels and maintaining concentration
  • Exercise regularly - exams may seem like the perfect time to suspend your gym membership, you want to dedicate all your time to studying, regular exercise however can not only boost concentration levels but also help to reduce stress
  • Plan out your study and make sure you schedule in regular breaks. Only a certain amount of information can be absorbed at a time. Concentration levels begin to dwindle after a while so studying for an hour and taking a break can often be more effective than studying for 4 hours straight.
  • Try not to cram. There is only so much information your brain can handle in a short period of time. Not only are you likely to be exhausted but you'll find it harder to recall the information. Try to pace yourself.
During exams:
  • Make sure you have all the materials you need with you
  • Carefully read each question and begin to plan during the reading time
  • Answer the easiest questions first

Gym Etiquette Reminder

Our member's experience is very important to us at Monash Sport and it's not just up to staff. It is a responsibility of all members to be respectful and allow everyone the opportunity to enjoy our facilities at all times.

Following this, just a reminder of a couple of non-negotiable conditions of entry:
  1. All members must bring sweat towels or hire one at the service desk.
  2. Gym equipment must be wiped down after completing your workout - there is supplied paper towel located in the gym for you to use.
  3. No phones. If you do need to use your phone, please take it outside.
  4. Proper and appropriate workout attire is to be worn at all times. This means singlets, shorts, track suits, track shoes etc. Jeans, casual wear, casual shoes and bare feet are NOT appropriate.
  5. Please make sure you put your weights and any equipment you use away after use.

Platinum Award for Doug Ellis Pool

Monash University's Doug Ellis Pool has been rated one of the best pools in Victoria, achieving Platinum Pool accreditation from Life Saving Victoria for outstanding levels of safety at an aquatic facility.

In a similar fashion to the accreditation of a lifesaver, pools undergo a thorough assessment of their skills and performance and must maintain a consistently high standard to meet the criteria for Platinum Pool accreditation.

The award recognises facilities which have met the highest safety requirements in the aquatic industry and gives a 5 star rating.

Not only has the Doug Ellis Pool received platinum accreditation but it has also been shortlisted for the Aquatics and Recreation Victoria (ARV) Facilities Management Award for 2015. The award recognises the significant improvements Monash has made in refurbishing the pool as well as the innovative programming on offer such as the Water Wise free learn to swim classes.

The ARV awards will be announced on June 12 and you can check out our video application here:

Play On! Caulfield

Monash Sport's Play On! Festival hit Caulfield campus in week 11 of Semester One. Despite the difficulties with accessing the sports precinct during the Caulfield Green refurbishments, the festival saw a fantastic turnout with over 350 students attending the event.

The festival mixed Social Sport competitions and free group fitness classes with fun activities like Bike Blender and Bubble Soccer.

In a survey conducted during the event, 72% of students stayed longer on campus because of Play On! Festival with 40% indicating that Bubble Soccer was their favourite part of the event. 80% of survery respondents indicated that they would attend a similar event in the future.

Monash Sport now shifts it's focus to delivering Monash Games, registrations are now open!

Australian Sports for the Let's Chat Program

Monash Sport recently helped run Australian Sport sessions for the final semester session of the Conversational English Program - Let's Chat on the Clayton and Caulfield campuses.
Participants spent 45 minutes going through AFL and cricket activities with students, teaching them rules, techniques and how to play the games. For the majority of these students it was their first time trying these sports. All students got involved and thoroughly enjoyed themselves with many excited that they could now share what they knew with their friends.
The night concluded with participants getting to enjoy an Australian BBQ - catered by Sir John's Bar. Most students had never experienced an Australian BBQ and there was some confusion over what certain foods were (and whether lamingtons were meant to top a salad).
Fantastic feedback was received from students.
  • Two Iranian PhD engineering students said Let's Chat was the only hour each week when they spoke English and met people
  • A Cantonese commerce student said that in the first year of being at Monash she learnt to speak Mandarin but hardly used her English but after having joined Let's Chat finally feels she has made a step forward with her English
  • A female undergraduate student mentioned that she now feels confident that she can actually talk to her Australian classmates and choose the right words for most occassions.
  • A postgraduate Business student confessed that he'd been attending classes at both Clayton and Caulfield every week (despite it being against the rules) as he found the classes so invaluable.
  • A second year science student from Malaysia said that she had previously paid for private English lessons and also attended an external course but found the Let's Chat program more valuable and that she learnt more.

Overall, the program received a lot of positive responses, all students were excited to come back in the second semester and to bring friends with them. Monash Sport is thrilled to have been a part of such a useful program.

Want to add some variety to your swimming? Why not SKIP?

If every day lap swimming is getting a bit boring and you need something new to mix it up a bit then why not add a bit of variety and Skip through your swim.

Swim 100m
Kick 100m
IM 100 (25 of each stroke; sub butterfly for freestyle if you don't want to do butterfly)
Pull 100m
Swim 100m

Repeat twice for a 1k (40 lap) set

For a further challenge increase the distances to 200m or only rest after the full SKIP is completed

2nd Power Shutdown - Sat 23/Sun 24 May

A second power shutdown is being coordinated by the F&S team to continue the sub station upgrade works adjacent to the pool entrance doors.

This 2nd shutdown will be coordinated across the weekend of Sat 23rd and Sun 24th May.

We will not alter our operating hours on this occasion, as they will be commencing the shutdown from 9pm (sat night) and will be finished by 7am (sun morning) prior to our opening.

Generators will once again be organised for the pool plant room and cafe whilst the works are being undertaken.

Monash Blues Honour University ANZACs

On Saturday 25 April 2015, Monash Blues hosted Therry Penola in an ANZAC Day triple header at the University’s Frearson Oval.

Before the main fixture, the seniors and reserves of both clubs lined up for an ANZAC Day service.  Club President Julian Smith welcomed the many players and supporters, and Marcus Spencer gave the ANZAC Day commemorative address on behalf of the University.  Lauren  McAlister of the Sir Zelman Cowen School of Music played The Last Post and The Reveille, and club captain Sam Baring recited The Ode.

The scene was fitting, with the games played on the oval named after the late Associate Professor Keith Frearson.  Keith was a distinguished member of the University’s Economics faculty, and was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross for his service as a navigator in World War Two. Mention in the commemorative address was also made of Sir John Monash, who survived the Gallipoli campaign to become one of Australia’s most outstanding military leaders.

The Monash Blues certainly did the occasion justice by winning all three games on the day in the Club’s Thirds, Reserves and Seniors.  The Club’s Under 19s also had an impressive victory playing away against the highly fancied Beaumaris Sharks.  An afternoon tea at half time in the seniors was attended by around 100 people, with proceeds covering the costs of the service, with the balance donated to the Clayton RSL.

2015 is shaping up as a very promising year for the Blues.  All three teams are competing strongly, and the Club’s senior team is sitting second on the Premier C ladder after 4 rounds.  You can find all information regarding fixtures, results and match reports at https://monashblues.teamapp.com

Staying Healthy Through Winter

Staying healthy throughout winter can be hard. The days are getting darker, it's cold outside and all you may want to do is curl up on the couch with a big bowl of comfort food.

The drop in temperature in Winter increases your appetitie as your body fights to stay warm. When you're cold in Winter you'll most likely find yourself searching food. Eating helps generate heat, increasing your body temperature and keeping you warm in Winter.

Not only that but less sunlight means the stores of "feel good" serotonin levels in our brains can become depleted. This can lead to us seeking out carb-rich foods that boost serotonin production.

These two factors contribute to our tendency to overeat during winter, however the rich comfort food we crave are often loaded with fat which can have an adverse affect on our immune system. Healthy eating can benefit our immune systems, helping us fight off infections such as colds and flus and reduce the duration if we do succumb.

Here are some tips to help you stay healthy and beat the winter blues.
  • Make sure you keep drinking enough fluids, a great way to do this in winter is by warming yourself up with a steaming hot cup of tea
  • Vegetable laden soups are a nutritiously filling way to stay warm and keep healthy. Including good sources of carbohydrates such as sweet potato or pumpkin will help curb those carb cravings without the added calories
  • Zinc rich foods like fish, poultry, lean meat, eggs, milk and cereal can help fight infections while probiotic rich foods like yoghurt are a great snack option and have the added benefit of boosting your immune system
  • Citrus fruits are in abundance in winter and studies have shown that Vitamin C found in these foods may make colds milder and shorter
  • Make sure you have a good breakfast - one that includes wholegrains and lean protein is the best way to go. Wholegrains can prevent swings in mood and increase serotonin levels while protein helps steady blood sugar and can improve alertness.
  • Get 30 minutes of exercise a day. Even if it's just short walk or exercises next to the couch in ad breaks, exercise boosts immune function and will help stave off infections
  • Keep energy levels up and cravings down with five small meals a day
  • Get enough sleep - too little and not only are you likely to bail out of your exercise program but your immune system will be weaker and more vulnerable to viruses

Winter Exercise Tips

With the colder weather rapidly closing in on us, its safe to say winter is coming. When it's freezing outside, possibly raining, and dark it can be difficult to stay committed to your fitness goals.

The temptation to stay in bed on cold mornings, or snuggle up on the couch with some comfort food at night can be a pretty strong one. However just because it's freezing doesn't mean you should stop exercising regularly. In fact there are a lot of benefits to exercising, especially in the winter months. Regular exercise aside from controlling weight and combatting health problems has been shown to:
  • improve mood
  • boost energy
  • promote better sleep
  • alleviate stress and anxiety
  • strengthen your immune system 
  • increase the brain function and memory
If that's not enough incentive to get you active this winter here are some handy tips to make staying active easier in the colder weather.

1. Exercise Indoors. If the freezing weather outside is your biggest excuse for not staying active through winter then it might be time to consider taking your work out indoors. Exercising in the fitness centre or pool still keeps you active while having the added benefit of temperature control.

2. Go Straight From Work. Getting back out of the house once you get home can be hard so going straight to the fitness centre on your way to or home from work increases the chances you'll still get your workout in. Pack a bag the night before so you don't have any excuses the next day.

3. Set Goals. Big goals, little goals. It doesn't matter. Maybe you want to lose some weight, or run the Malbourne Marathon, perhaps you want to increase your bench press by the end of the season. Setting goals gives you something tangible to work towards meaning you'll be much more motivated to get your work out in.

4. Get Involved in a Winter Sport. Skiing and snowboarding are a great way to stay active through winter. You won't notice the cold when you're carving up the slopes. Check out Monash University Snowsports Club (MUSC) on facebook here to get involved.

5. Join a Team. With Uni Games and Monash Games coming up, and Social Sports Competitions in Soccer, Basketball and Netball you can join, getting involved in a team can be a great way to reignite your motivation. Participating in a regular activity that you've paid for and have team mates counting on you to play in is a great way to stay active in winter. You can find more information about getting involved in social sport activities here.

6. Dress to Impress. Layers are your best option this winter. Whether you're exercising outside or indoors, or even making your way from you car or train in the morning to the office. The right layers will trap warm air close to your body while letting moisture escape.

Monash Games are Coming

From Wednesday 22 to Friday 24 July, Monash Games will be running at Clayton Campus.

Celebrating their ninth year, Monash Games gives both students and staff the opportunity to compete in fun, friendly sport competitions over a period of three days while supporting Ronald McDonald House.

The games are open to all skill levels and each sport competition will be held over one full day with pool matches in the morning and finals in the afternoon. A variety of sports will be on offer including Basketball, Mixed Netball, Futsal and even Dodgeball. Registration even includes lunch for your team on the day you compete.

There is also a staff challenge on the Friday which caters for the fact that staff often can't dedicate a full day to the competition. Sports offered in the staff competition will be Basketball, Volleyball, Futsal and Mixed Netball.

Monash Games is a proud supporter Ronald McDonald House Monash, a "home away from home" for families who need to travel from regional or rural Victoria and interstate for their sick or seriously ill child to receive treatment at the Monash Children's Hospital. They have provided over 9000 families with a home close to their sick child over the past 21 years.

There's never been a better time to get your friends together, pick a
sport and get involved.

If you're interested in participating details for the games can be found here, with registrations opening Monday 25 May.

Learn to swim for FREE with Monash Sport

Water Wise Program Creates A Splash

swimmingHave you always wanted to swim? Do you look at the pool or the ocean and dream of splashing about in its depths without fear? Then Water Wise is for you. 

Water Wise is a learn to swim program that was launched at the beginning of this year by Monash Sport. Fully funded by the Student Services and Amenities Fee, it offers all current Monash students the opportunity to learn how to swim at no cost.

With 266 people drowning last year alone in Australia, the Water Wise initiative was designed to increase the Water Safety and swimming ability of students. Monash recognised that whilst many students may have been brought up learning how to swim, others may have come from remote areas without access to swimming facilities or programs.

water womenThe Water Wise program is designed to teach any current student who would like to participate, how to swim at a beginner level. We believe that by increasing the number of students who know how to swim, we can help reduce the incidence of drowning.

Since it's launch date in January more than 450 students have signed up to this valuable program with numbers growing every week.

More information on this program can be found here.