Workout of the Week and Monthly Member Challenge now at Peninsula

You can now enjoy our Workout of the Week and Monthly Member Challenge at Peninsula! 

The Workout of the Week will be displayed on the board inside the gym, with the results of the Monthly Member Challenge next to it. To participate in the challenge, please talk to one of our health and fitness instructors.

All members are welcome to take part in both.

Mix up your fitness routine with our Workout of the Week!

Our Workout of the Week service allows members to participate in a different training program each week, which can be done independently or in conjunction with your individual program. The Workout of the Weeks varies in focus, training styles and intensity making them the perfect way to add variety to your training.

What is the Monthly Member Challenge? 

Test yourself against other gym members in order to compare and improve your strength, endurance and cardio fitness in our Monthly Member Challenge. There are separate challenges for males and females, and you can participate anonymously if desired. Challenges rotate between a muscular strength test, a cardiovascular test and a muscular endurance test.