New Fitness Centre Layout at Caulfield

Over the summer break staff at Caulfield decided it was time to reconfigure the Fitness Centre to ensure safety and a user friendly environment where all users could access the equipment as well as access the areas allocated for other activities such as stretching, TRX and some circuit based training without feeling hemmed in.

We also added new mirrors which have certainly added to make the Fitness Centre look and feel more spacious and to add some flexibility to our useable space.

We hope all our members appreciate the new, more spacious layout.

Points of Interest:
  • Modified gym equipment layout to better suit training methods and improve safety
  • Installation of additional mirrors in the gym
  • New set of Kettle Bells - 8, 12, 18, 20, 24kg
  • New Weight plates arriving soon
  • New digital clock with interval training features
  • Installation of tiered seating in Chisholm Hall
  • Updated recreation equipment - soccer and netball goals along with new wall padding
  • New Change Rooms
  • Redevelopment of the Caulfield campus Green Space to include multi sport venue, water feature and student social/study areas